Monday, January 26, 2015

Jared's Happiness

Jared got his braces off today. He is excited to eat a whole apple, eat the Halloween candy I wouldn't let him have, and have a sandwich without the bread getting stuck in his braces.
This is Jared 14 months ago, when he got his braces on.  He is such a baby!  I can't believe how grown up he is now.
This is Jared today. A real life teenager with a great smile.  He even gets to have a Minecraft retainer which will arrive in a week.

I am just going to take a minute and talk about this boy of mine.  He is such a great kid!  He tutors twice a week. He does ballroom dance.  This is his first year and the boy is a natural!  He even received an award for Outstanding Middle School Ballroom Student.  He goes to jazz band 3 mornings a week, where he plays the piano and vibes for them.  He plays the French Horn for the Middle School Band, and he plays the piano for Priesthood meeting. He is also the Den Chief for our Cub Scouts and he makes scouts more fun for the boys as he helps with skits and games.
He is a fun kid and always has his siblings either laughing or screaming!

(Jared chose the title of this post.)


Missy said...

He IS a great kid!! I can't believe he only had them on for 14 months. Erik still has at least another 6 months and then I think we start all over again with Nate.

mommaquincy said...

He looks great! Wow! I didn't even know he played the piano!