Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Food Nanny

Mia and I went to a Stake Activity Days back in April.  We had the Food Nanny come and teach us how to cook.  We made some really delicious baguettes and ate some amazing pasta.  The salad she taught us to make was to die for...too bad it isn't the type of salad that my family will eat.  


More photos from 09-30-2013.
I had a dear friend who lived in Heber that used to invite me to ride horses with her once or twice a week.  She moved to Arizona and I haven't been on a horse since.  =)  Have I mentioned that I really love horses?
I pulled Mia out of school for a day and she came along with us on the horse ride.  Here she is showing us that she can get the horse (Dakota) to stop.

And here she is riding along a deer trail following my friend Carol.  Mia was most excited because she got to be the leader for quite a while.  You can just barely see the head of my horse in the photo.

Maybe if Mia and I gang up on Seth we will be able to get a couple of horses...

Moustache Fun

Because Jared is in the pep band, we decided to go to the homecoming football game last year (these pictures are from 09/20/2014 I decided to pull my favorite pictures from my cell phone.) 
When we got to the football field, they were handing out green moustaches.  Green and white are our school colors.
I don't know why, but Ellis has been fascinated by uni-brows. I have several of these photos of him making a uni-brow out of something.
This one is my favorite.  I love those eyes and that mouth.  Love this kid!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

14 Years in 2014

Today is our 14 year anniversary. We celebrated by going to Wicked and eating at the Cheesecake Factory.  Yesterday we went on a hot date to the dentist where we both celebrated no cavities. 

I thought it would be appropriate to celebrate today by listing 14 things I love about Seth:

1. He works hard to support our family.
2. The funny way he smiles when he is singing a song and can't remember the lyrics.
3. His knobby, bony fingers.
4. His honesty.
5. He plays pinochle with me.
6. He doesn't put up with the kids being disrespectful to me.
7. His sense of humor.
8. He is so stinking smart.
9. I love it when he sings.
10. The way I have to race him up the stairs or he will hide behind something and jump out and scare me. It gets me every time.
11. He is so organized.
12. He doesn't take things personally and get his feelings hurt.
13. The way he interacts with the kids.
14 And finally, He loves me.

I think it is necessary to post a wedding photo so you can see what babies we were when we got married.