Sunday, March 16, 2014


We bought ourselves a piano at the beginning of December.  This is just a little spinet which fits into our house perfectly.  We had intended to look at the piano and then go back to Salt Lake when we had access to a truck or something to take it home.  It was the right price and our car wasn't full of little people so Seth took one look at the piano, went out and measured the opening of the van and said that we could take it home that day - in our van (love stow-n-go!)!
The lady that we bought it from had some people working for her so she called them and asked them to come and help us load it in the van.  The whole time they were loading it, I was standing next to the lady and she was so anxious: "Do you think it is going to fit? There is no way it will fit!" On and on went her dialogue.  I was a bit skeptical myself but it fit and there was room for Ellis to sit in his seat in the back.  We told him that if we got stuck in traffic, he had our permission to play the piano for us.  =) Luckily we didn't get stuck in traffic.
A couple of the guys Seth works with came to our house with him and within minutes we had our very own, full key piano in our house.  It was so fun when the kids came home from school and were excited to play.  This picture is very accurate as to how our afternoon/late evening passed.  Jared was playing duets with all of the kids and those who weren't playing were nearby watching.  It felt magical with the Christmas lights shining and the joy that was felt by all.
3 months later and we are all still loving this piano.  I am so glad that we have it.  We all are enjoying playing it - all of us except maybe Seth.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ellis Can See

I was noticing at church that Ellis was having a difficult time seeing the numbers at the front of the chapel that said what song we were going to be singing.  I started asking him if he could see other things and he would say, "Mom, it's really small."
I made an appointment for him to have his eyes checked and sure enough he needed glasses.  The first pair he wanted to try on was this pair of red glasses. Not my favorite but I have learned that if you want your kids to wear their glasses, they need to choose them and be excited about them.  He had a line of about 6 pairs and was very hesitant about choosing.  He finally choose a pair that looked exactly like Gordon's.
I told him that he could choose whatever pair he wanted, that he didn't have to have a pair that looked like Gordon's. He was excited and grabbed these red frames.  He has been so excited about wearing them.  He takes his glasses wearing very seriously.  =)
The lenses seem a bit big on his cute little face but if he likes them, so do I.