Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Road Block

I was headed to Heber on December 05, 2013 and this is what I came across.  I sat behind them, waiting for them to notice me and move so I could get past.  The guy in the yellow (I believe he is the garbage man) looked at me a couple of times and even made eye contact.  I figured that he was just going to finish the sentence and then move on or something.  I waited an eternity (which was actually about 3 or 4 minutes) before I realized that they weren't going to go any where soon.  I got out of the car and went up to the men.  I asked them if the road was closed and the guy in the pickup was so nice.  He apologized, finished what he was saying and then drove away so that I could get past.

I wonder what they were talking about...

Adventure Time

Tyler and Missy have a monthly get together called Siesta Sunday.  My kids love going and spending time with their cousins. Seth and I like to go and spend time with the adults.  =)  We generally only go when there is no school the next day.
In May we decided to go on an adventure.  The only destination we had in mind was Siesta Sunday.  Our first stop was at the Jordanelle view area.  We stopped at places we had been past many times but never took the time to stop.  This is on the way to Heber and there was a little trail that we went on.  Here is Jared in front of Jordanelle.

Between Kamas and Heber, after the Jordanelle lookout, there is a traffic sign with a fish, a hook and an arrow to show us the direction.  We went there and there was a fun trail you could go on. 

On the trail there was this rock that was an island.  Seth helped all of the kids onto the rock.

After that we headed to Wheeler Farm.  We have been to the farm before but it is one of my favorite places to go in Salt Lake.
This is the hat Ellis wore.  He was in a performance at school where he did a little Spanish dance and all of the boys wore these hats.  He was so funny wearing it.  It didn't last long because it was a windy day and the hat blew off into the water.  Luckily it was waterproof and didn't get ruined.  I spent the rest of the time carrying the hat for him.  =)

This is an outhouse at Wheeler Farm.  I believe at one point it was actually used but the toilet is sealed off with plexi-glass or something.  I told Ellis to pretend that he needed to go to the bathroom.  He did such a great job pretending that I asked him if he needed to go to the bathroom after I took the picture.  =)

It wouldn't be Wheeler Farm without playing on the lightening tree. My kids love this tree.

After Wheeler Farm we went to Black Rock.  It is located near the Great Salt Lake on I-80 West.  Seth and I used to go out to this rock after we were married but we had never taken out kids out to explore it.  They loved climbing around on the rock and hiding in little caves. 



Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Food Nanny

Mia and I went to a Stake Activity Days back in April.  We had the Food Nanny come and teach us how to cook.  We made some really delicious baguettes and ate some amazing pasta.  The salad she taught us to make was to die for...too bad it isn't the type of salad that my family will eat.  


More photos from 09-30-2013.
I had a dear friend who lived in Heber that used to invite me to ride horses with her once or twice a week.  She moved to Arizona and I haven't been on a horse since.  =)  Have I mentioned that I really love horses?
I pulled Mia out of school for a day and she came along with us on the horse ride.  Here she is showing us that she can get the horse (Dakota) to stop.

And here she is riding along a deer trail following my friend Carol.  Mia was most excited because she got to be the leader for quite a while.  You can just barely see the head of my horse in the photo.

Maybe if Mia and I gang up on Seth we will be able to get a couple of horses...

Moustache Fun

Because Jared is in the pep band, we decided to go to the homecoming football game last year (these pictures are from 09/20/2014 I decided to pull my favorite pictures from my cell phone.) 
When we got to the football field, they were handing out green moustaches.  Green and white are our school colors.
I don't know why, but Ellis has been fascinated by uni-brows. I have several of these photos of him making a uni-brow out of something.
This one is my favorite.  I love those eyes and that mouth.  Love this kid!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

14 Years in 2014

Today is our 14 year anniversary. We celebrated by going to Wicked and eating at the Cheesecake Factory.  Yesterday we went on a hot date to the dentist where we both celebrated no cavities. 

I thought it would be appropriate to celebrate today by listing 14 things I love about Seth:

1. He works hard to support our family.
2. The funny way he smiles when he is singing a song and can't remember the lyrics.
3. His knobby, bony fingers.
4. His honesty.
5. He plays pinochle with me.
6. He doesn't put up with the kids being disrespectful to me.
7. His sense of humor.
8. He is so stinking smart.
9. I love it when he sings.
10. The way I have to race him up the stairs or he will hide behind something and jump out and scare me. It gets me every time.
11. He is so organized.
12. He doesn't take things personally and get his feelings hurt.
13. The way he interacts with the kids.
14 And finally, He loves me.

I think it is necessary to post a wedding photo so you can see what babies we were when we got married.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Tiny Dancer

This year Ellis started doing Ballroom.  He loves it! He is also pretty good at it.  He was excited when he found out that  he got to dance at Lagoon.  He used to dance with a girl who was nearly the same size as him but she decided that she didn't like ballroom so she dropped out. That left Ellis without a partner.  His instructor asked our friend Annie to dance with Ellis.  When Ellis came home after finding out he would get to dance with Annie, he asked me if he could go exercise.  I told him that would be a great idea and asked why he wanted to exercise.  He told me that his new partner was Annie and said that he needed to lift her up.  He went and ran all around the backyard and started lifting the gallon of milk with one hand!  One day he was out playing in the back yard and I asked him to come in and practice the piano.  He came in with tears in his eyes and said to me, "Mom.  You know why I need to exercise!"

The beginning of this video is pretty shaky because there was a little girl that kept dancing in front of me.  I finally asked her to stop and she did...then the video isn't so shaky.  Here he is at Lagoon.

This is the dance they did at the beginning of the year. They had a ballroom showcase where we only saw the 3 different ballroom classes at our local theater.  I hope they go to this platform every year.  It was short and super fun to watch.

This is also at the movie theater.  I think they were a little better with this performance than the Lagoon performance.  They did one last performance with the big concert but I didn't record it. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Daiquiri, Please

I ended up going to the spelling bee. Seth took care of the Pinewood Derby. 
Mia came in about 12th place out of 26 contestants.  She misspelled apparel.
Jared came in 4th out of 19 contestants.  He misspelled daiquiri. 

This is the first time either one of them have been in a spelling bee that used this format, so it was a good experience.  This was also the last year Jared is eligible. (I can't believe he will be in eighth grade next year!)

Mia doesn't know if she is going to try out for it next year or not.  She wasn't very happy with her performance...maybe practicing wasn't such a bad idea after all.

Quite possibly Jared's favorite experience in the whole thing was spelling sanguine.  He learned how to spell that word in third grade at Fox Hills.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Spelling Bee

At our school, the students have the option of taking a written spelling bee. They don't have words to study before this bee, they just go in before school and have a massive spelling test.  =)  The results of who has been accepted to be park of the Park Record Bee are sent to the school.  Jared and Mia both were invited to participate. They are divided into grades.  Mia will compete with grades 4 & 5 and Jared will compete with grades 6 & 7. 

Half of the students in Jared's group are from South Summit Middle School.  Jared is excited and keeps saying to me, "It is like we are on a team but we are also competing against each other."

In Mia's division, there is only her and one of her friends from our school district.  She has been so excited about being one of two and it helps that her good friend is the other student going from our district.

The Bee is on Tuesday which is disappointing to me because Seth and I are in charge of a pinewood derby that night and won't be able to go.  Our good friends who are taking their kids to the bee are taking Jared and Mia so they can still participate but no one cheers for a child like their parent.  I am trying to figure out a way to at least go to part of it.  At least I will be able to see Gordon and Ellis race their cars.

Sunday, March 16, 2014


We bought ourselves a piano at the beginning of December.  This is just a little spinet which fits into our house perfectly.  We had intended to look at the piano and then go back to Salt Lake when we had access to a truck or something to take it home.  It was the right price and our car wasn't full of little people so Seth took one look at the piano, went out and measured the opening of the van and said that we could take it home that day - in our van (love stow-n-go!)!
The lady that we bought it from had some people working for her so she called them and asked them to come and help us load it in the van.  The whole time they were loading it, I was standing next to the lady and she was so anxious: "Do you think it is going to fit? There is no way it will fit!" On and on went her dialogue.  I was a bit skeptical myself but it fit and there was room for Ellis to sit in his seat in the back.  We told him that if we got stuck in traffic, he had our permission to play the piano for us.  =) Luckily we didn't get stuck in traffic.
A couple of the guys Seth works with came to our house with him and within minutes we had our very own, full key piano in our house.  It was so fun when the kids came home from school and were excited to play.  This picture is very accurate as to how our afternoon/late evening passed.  Jared was playing duets with all of the kids and those who weren't playing were nearby watching.  It felt magical with the Christmas lights shining and the joy that was felt by all.
3 months later and we are all still loving this piano.  I am so glad that we have it.  We all are enjoying playing it - all of us except maybe Seth.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ellis Can See

I was noticing at church that Ellis was having a difficult time seeing the numbers at the front of the chapel that said what song we were going to be singing.  I started asking him if he could see other things and he would say, "Mom, it's really small."
I made an appointment for him to have his eyes checked and sure enough he needed glasses.  The first pair he wanted to try on was this pair of red glasses. Not my favorite but I have learned that if you want your kids to wear their glasses, they need to choose them and be excited about them.  He had a line of about 6 pairs and was very hesitant about choosing.  He finally choose a pair that looked exactly like Gordon's.
I told him that he could choose whatever pair he wanted, that he didn't have to have a pair that looked like Gordon's. He was excited and grabbed these red frames.  He has been so excited about wearing them.  He takes his glasses wearing very seriously.  =)
The lenses seem a bit big on his cute little face but if he likes them, so do I.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Criminal on the Loose

We received a reverse 911 call because there was a crime in Park City and the criminal has not been caught.  Jared was talking about it and Gordon was a little nervous.  Gordon said, "If it is a murderer, he can kill me in the night because I DO NOT want to feel death."  Then his eyes started to water and he ran to give me a hug.

I told him that I really didn't think he needed to worry about it, just to stay where people are and not go somewhere alone with someone he didn't know.

Then I told Jared to stop talking about it.  =)

Friday, January 31, 2014

Señor Ellis

Ellis came home from school yesterday with a piece of yarn taped to his upper lip.  Don't mind the look on his face, he needed to go to the bathroom when I took this picture - He was very happy.
After school today, Gordon took off his snow pants and I noticed that Ellis' mustache was stuck to his bottom. Looks like it can be worn as a tail or a mustache.  =)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ball Maze by Ellis Leary

Ball Maze

ball maze, o ball maze
please get more easy.
ball maze, o ball maze
your way to hard.
ball maze, o ball maze
I can not beat you.
ball maze, o ball maze
when will I beat you?
ball maze, o ball maze
where is the ball?
ball maze, o ball maze
I will crush you.
ball maze, o ball maze
you are to hard.

By Ellis Leary
Age 7