Thursday, December 5, 2013

So Cold

It was -18 degrees this morning; -12 when it was time to go out to wait for the bus. 

I heard Gordon say to Ellis, "You are lucky that you  have two jackets!"

I said to Gordon, "You have two jackets, you just don't like to wear one of them."

Gordon said, "I am thinking about wearing the other one tomorrow."

It wasn't until I was trying to get Gordon and Ellis out the door that I figured out why Gordon cared that Ellis has two jackets - Ellis put on his snow pants, two shirts, two jackets, coat, gloves, boots and stocking cap.

Hopefully he's warm.  =)


MDawg said...

Are you kidding me!? I thought our +18 degrees was cold! Yikes!

mommaquincy said...

Your kids are going to be tough!