Sunday, February 17, 2013

I "Mustache" You a Question

We received some fun valentines in the mail the other day from some of our favorite friends in Salt Lake. It was such a fun surprise and left us all asking, "When can we see the Francoms again?"

Jared told me that he couldn't smile because a mustache made him look like a grown up and he had to be serious.  =)

Mia had been crying because she left one of her gloves on the bus and right after she got off the bus she spilled her valentine box.  She keeps asking if she will ever get to see Lillian ever again.

Gordon, who needs to have his glasses cleaned, put his mustache on, had me take a picture, came over and looked it and said, "Whoa.  That looks real."

Ellis had a hard time getting his mustache on straight.  He also told me that he had to not smile because you couldn't even see his smile behind the mustache.

It is so fun to be thought of and remembered.  We love the Francoms..


mommaquincy said...

Some great mustaches! Wow! They are all growing up!

MDawg said...

I'm glad you had fun with them! For some reason, mustaches are all the rage in Lillian's class this year. When I saw this idea, I knew it would be perfect! BTW, there is a hole in the mustache so you can put the sucker in it. Then when you suck on the sucker, it looks like you have a mustache! Lillian liked that the double-sided tape made it so you could use the mustache with the sucker AND just to stick on after the sucker is gone.

Linda said...

Melissa, now that hole makes sense. I couldn't figure out why there was a hole in the mustache.

MDawg said...

Yeah, sorry. When the kids took their valentines to school, I made sure they told their classmates to put the mustaches on their suckers. If I were to do it again, I would put a little note with instructions.

Jason said...

You've got to read the book "The Fake Mustache" by Tom Angleberger. We listened to it on tape as a family a few weeks ago and we are still laughing about it. With your mustache experience, you might like it too. :)