Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Seth's Got Talent?

You may have seen this Youtube video going around on the internet.  I first came across it on  Amber's blog.  We had our Leary Family Christmas Party last night and Seth came up with the great idea to sing this song.  From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!


Thursday, December 5, 2013

So Cold

It was -18 degrees this morning; -12 when it was time to go out to wait for the bus. 

I heard Gordon say to Ellis, "You are lucky that you  have two jackets!"

I said to Gordon, "You have two jackets, you just don't like to wear one of them."

Gordon said, "I am thinking about wearing the other one tomorrow."

It wasn't until I was trying to get Gordon and Ellis out the door that I figured out why Gordon cared that Ellis has two jackets - Ellis put on his snow pants, two shirts, two jackets, coat, gloves, boots and stocking cap.

Hopefully he's warm.  =)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


On my way to the school yesterday, I noticed that up ahead there were several police cars.  The police were out of their cars and looked like they were chasing someone.  As I got closer, one of the police officers took off running.  I started to get a little nervous that there was even someone in Kamas worth chasing.

I soon figured out that what they were chasing were cows instead of people. The one police officer that took off running was running to the gate to close it.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Snow Day

Turns out that the kids were okay - as I knew they would be.  It didn't start to snow until after they got home.  It is supposed to be worse tomorrow.  I will certainly make sure that they have their coats.

I ran over a dead skunk on the way home tonight.  It was dark and I didn't see it until I was on top of it.  Maybe if it snows a lot, it will take care of the stink for me.  =)

Cold and Stormy

It is so cold and stormy today.  I figured it would warm up, so when Gordon and Ellis decided at the last minute that they would like to grab their coats; seriously minutes before the bus came; I told them that their jackets would be enough.  I thought they would be enough but it has been windy and stormy and I wish I would have gotten their coats from our storage room and just let them miss the bus.

I really hope that it doesn't snow today...

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

In My Locker

The following is a poem written by Mia:

What I Found in My Locker
An inch of lint
An old newsprint
A smelly sock
A pink new clock
An ugly hairpin
A guard for my shin
A chewed pencil
An old utensil
An old bouquet
An invite to a partae'
And one more thing I must confess,
A note from teacher: CLEAN THIS MESS!!!!!!!!!!!
By: Mia Leary

Saturday, September 21, 2013


Ellis has been learning about poetry in his second grade class.  He wrote a poem today about Creepers from a game called Minecraft that he enjoys playing.

Creepers only lick green things.
and the important thing abote creepers is that they explod
even tho they are green and eat T.N.T.
but the important thing abote creepers is that they explode.
(Creepers only like green things.
and the important thing about creepers is that they explode.
Even though they are green and eat T.N.T.
But the important thing about creepers is that they explode.)
By Ellis Leary

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer Reading

I guess I know what Gordon will be doing all summer.  He brought home a paper where he had written, "I pledge to read 10  million books during my summer starting on May 17 - when 3rd grade starts."

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tricked You!

My baby lost his first tooth last night.  I won't lie, I almost cried.  He was too excited for me to be nostalgic for too long.  I remember when he got that first tooth.
Ellis had been asking me for a couple days to pull his tooth out. I suggested he ask his dad to do it for him.  Last night he brought some dental floss to Seth and asked him to pull his tooth.  The look on his face was one of sheer terror as Seth tied the floss to Ellis' tooth.  Seth asked if Ellis was ready and he said no.  Just as Ellis was changing his mind, Seth said, "What's that?"  Ellis looked and Seth yanked on the string and out came Ellis' tooth. When the tooth came out Seth said, "Tricked you!  All I needed to do was trick you." 

When he got up this morning, Ellis was pretty excited that the Tooth Fairy had come and given him a golden dollar.

I still feel a little morose that this is the last time one of my kids will have their first tooth fall out.  =)


Sunday, February 17, 2013

I "Mustache" You a Question

We received some fun valentines in the mail the other day from some of our favorite friends in Salt Lake. It was such a fun surprise and left us all asking, "When can we see the Francoms again?"

Jared told me that he couldn't smile because a mustache made him look like a grown up and he had to be serious.  =)

Mia had been crying because she left one of her gloves on the bus and right after she got off the bus she spilled her valentine box.  She keeps asking if she will ever get to see Lillian ever again.

Gordon, who needs to have his glasses cleaned, put his mustache on, had me take a picture, came over and looked it and said, "Whoa.  That looks real."

Ellis had a hard time getting his mustache on straight.  He also told me that he had to not smile because you couldn't even see his smile behind the mustache.

It is so fun to be thought of and remembered.  We love the Francoms..