Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Gordon brought this story home the other day.  He wrote it in his power hour class.  When I started to read it he told me to only read until it said, "The End".

"Once upon a time three spiders lived together and it was their first time ever to trick or treat but then a monster came and said,  "Give me your candy!"

"No!" said Gordon.

"No!" said Ellis.

"No!" said Jared.

"Then I will put in some of my stew."

The three spiders looked through their candy and one said, "I don't like ear wax."

"That is my favorite type of candy", said the monster.

"I have one too." Said the third spider. 

"I will let you go if you give me your ear wax. You will explode."

The End

Naturally I kept reading.  Gordon opened his eyes wide and said, "I am sure Mrs. Lowery's class is haunted.  She was playing this really creepy music and it was scaring me.  That's why I wrote the next part."

For your safety stay out of Mrs. Lowery's class.  It is haunted and so you know to stay out of Mrs. Lowery's class and be her lunch.  The End.  And I am in it and so you know to stay out and there are creepers and there is a zombie right about to eat me.  And there are 100 50 foot teachers after me and want to eat me and kill me and this is a bad day.  It is Halloween and I am almost over.

The End

It seems like just last year when he wanted to watch Winnie the Pooh all of the time. 

Lucky for me he still loves to snuggle and be with me.