Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"Our Gardners"

When we talk about our friends, the Gardners, our little boys call them "Our Gardners". This is a fitting title for them because they have a really beautiful yard; they just haven't done anything about ours yet.  :)
We have a silly tradition where we have a Halloween type of meal with them near Halloween.  We haven't gotten to just visit with these guys for nearly a year.  It was so much fun to see them and visit.

Ellis and James are modeling Seth and my costumes.  We just found these weird wigs.  Much cuter on these two cute boys.  They girls are totally photo bombing them.

We were going to have the kids eat brains this year, but it turned out easier for them to eat guts.  I just made spaghetti and put them in some bread bowls I made.  We used cream cheese and olives for the eyes.  I think they turned out pretty cute; until Seth said that the Parmesan cheese was maggots.  That was more than I could take. 

The kids had fun playing with their friends and the boys especially loved eating the brains/guts.  I heard Raleigh explaining to Ellis that he would be really smart if he ate his (Raleigh's) brains. Ellis said, "I am already really smart."

So fun to play with our friends and to have something for the kids to look forward to every year.  It was so nice to reconnect with these guys.

Dress Like a Twin Day

Our School recently celebrated Red Ribbon Week.  Their theme for this year was "Most Don't".  They had a dress-alike assembly where each class was supposed to dress like the same thing.  Ellis came home with a paper that said "Our class is dressing up as a Mexican.".  I tried really hard to not make this raciest. When I googled "dress like a Mexican", all of the responses said something like, "I am a Mexican and I dress just like any one else.  That's so raciest!"
I tried to do something more traditional and Ellis was thrilled.  He did tell me that one of the kids in his class told him that he didn't look like a Mexican.  I just silently agreed with her.  :)

Gordon's class voted and they were to dress like either a pirate or a princess.  Here is a picture of our reluctant pirate.  I don't know what it was about the costume he didn't like, but he was very upset to have to dress up for school.  Remember last year  when Gordon didn't want to dress up like a cowboy either?  Maybe he just doesn't like to be told what to dress up as.  He is super excited about tomorrow and dressing up for Halloween. 

I had to take these pictures without him knowing.  He was really upset about dressing up.  When I told him the didn't have to, he didn't like that either.  Luckily he was happier when he got home.  Several others were dressed up and he felt better about that.


Mia's class just wore pajamas and they went swimming instead of being in the assembly parade.  She was a little bothered that I even combed her hair before school.  She seriously wanted to just roll out of bed and go to school.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

And We Have Snow

Today is a curl up with a blanket and read a book kind of day.  Sometime last night it started snowing.  We had about an inch of snow when we woke up this morning and it is supposed to snow all day today and most of the day tomorrow.

The kids informed me that they love it when it snows a lot because the school has a couple of targets that they pull out and the kids can practice throwing snowballs.  They are hoping for more snow.

I always love the first snow of the season.  It is so pretty and peaceful.  While I would have liked for it to wait until we made it through Halloween, it brings on a calmness that I look forward to every year.