Friday, September 21, 2012

World's Greatest Mom

I am pretty sure these kids have decided that I am the World's Greatest Mom after this morning.

Jared got to wear pajamas and wild hair on Tuesday.  He was thrilled with what we came up with for his hair.

Gordon was so excited to have his face painted today.  It is spirit day since we have homecoming tonight.  He couldn't wait to wear this funny green hat we got from the Dollar Store years ago.  This hat has been used many times. Jared wore the red version of it to school on Monday for Hat Day.

Ellis wanted to copy Gordon and have his face painted "Exactly like Gordon's." We only have one green hat so I put some green face paint on my fingers and rubbed it through Ellis' Mohawk.  He was delighted.

Mia has strep throat.  She thinks I am pretty great too because I let her have a popsicle for breakfast.


mommaquincy said...

They are right! You are great!

MDawg said...

You ARE a great mom! It's nice when your kids realize that, too, isn't it?