Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Next Great Inventor

Mia really likes to invent things.  She is full of creative things she would like to make.  For her birthday she asked for some tools and some pieces of wood. She didn't want to use Seth's tools because she didn't want to have to ask if she could use them. 
We take a different child on a "date" every month.  Since we have 4 children and there are 12 months, each child gets an official date 3 times a year. It is a nice time to catch up on the kids and let them know they are important to us.
Last month was Mia's date month.  The kids always get to choose what they want to do and then, as adults, we try to make it happen.  When I asked Mia what she wanted to do she said, "Well.  I would really like to go to the Junk Yard and choose some pieces of junk so I can make some inventions."  As luck would have it, the Junk Yard was closed so we had to settle on something else.
I took a few photos of Mia's latest (to my knowledge) invention.  It is a weight, no unlike a dumbbell.  First Mia asked if she could use this empty spindle that used to have string on it for our weed whacker. 

Then she filled the center with rocks and put a piece of paper over the opening so no rocks would spill.

Finally she glued rocks around the bottom edge of the spindle.  It is so fun to see her walking around doing arm curls with this weight.

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mommaquincy said...

I'm sure she will figure out some great things to make the world a better place!