Monday, September 17, 2012


Jared told me that he was offered cocaine at school today.  I asked him what he said.  He told me that he said no.  Then he said that at first he thought this kid was offering him a coconut treat but then he noticed that the kid was standing funny.  After talking to his friends a little bit he figured out that he was offered drugs.

We have talked to our kids adequately about drugs, I had thought but we never told them what the names of the drugs are.  I guess we need to have another conversation, further in depth so they wont' think they are getting a coconut treat next time.

Talk about wanting to pull him out of school and shelter that cute kid!


mommaquincy said...

At his middle school? Did someone report it?

MDawg said...

Oh my goodness! I know we try to prepare our kids for such things, but I can't believe it actually happens! Way to go, Jared, for standing up for the right! I've never been offered drugs in all my thirty-two years. I can't believe Jared has already had that experience in his short 11 years!

MDawg said...

That's also awesome that he told you about it!

Mary said...

In sixth grade!? That is a bit unnerving. I think you're right that we have to be very explicit about substances with kids.

Linda said...

Chris - it has been reported.

Melissa - I have never been offered drugs before either. I am glad that he feels like he can talk to me. And I am glad that he did.

Mary - We went into details with all of the kids and told them to never take anything from someone they don't know because it could be bad for them - even a sucker from another student. Hopefully we didn't scare them too much.