Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kids - Update

 Jared had a fantastic year in fifth grade.  He was able to really grow and accomplish some hard things.  He was the only student in the whole Middle School to get a 100% on his math core test.  His response to it?  "Well, it would be hard to get less than a 100% on the test because if you figure the problem out and the answer you got isn't one of the multiple choice answers, you need to figure it out again."  He is so logical.  Jared started piano lessons and is doing a fantastic job with it.  He will practice a piece a few times and memorize it.  He has a bunch of pieces he can just pull out of his head.  He loves to play and I love to listen to him.  He is such a good boy and tries to make good choices.

 Ellis is finished with Kindergarten now.  He loves going to school and is an excellent reader.  He is picking up math concepts quickly and we are often rewarded with math facts as we eat dinner or say anything about numbers.  Ellis is quick to smile and loves to laugh.  He is going to be in the Spanish Dual Immersion class next year.  He is so excited to be able to teach me Spanish.  He is supposed to be fluent in speaking Spanish by the end of first grade and in writing in Spanish by the end of third grade.  If he continues with Spanish throughout high school, he will be able to graduate with a Minor in Spanish. Ellis' birthday is coming up and he can't wait to have a party.  We are lucky to have Ellis in our family.

 Gordon has been practicing making funny faces so that when I take his picture, he will be prepared.  He is such a funny boy.  Gordon has spent his whole life trying to figure things out.  He gets troubled by things he can't control, like earthquakes and tornadoes.  He is always asking "why".  Gordon loves Math and Science.  His favorite Science experiment from first grade was putting 3 skittles in water and watching to see what happened.  Try it.  You won't be disappointed.  Gordon is learning all about fractions and multiplication this summer.  He loves non-fiction books and math games.  Gordon likes to be on his own.  He is happy to play games by himself but he especially loves to boss Ellis around.  Gordon does what he wants, when he wants; which is both good and bad.  He is not easily pressured into things but he doesn't listen when he is asked to do something.  Gordon does not like to be tickled or teased.  Gordon is a delight in our home.  He loves to be hugged.  When it is just me with Gordon, he will talk and talk.  He hides in the background a lot around the other kids. I "get" Gordon and we get along very well.  Gordon likes to say that he doesn't like books but if there is a book lying on the table, Gordon is the one that will pick it up and read it. Can't imagine life without our Gordon.

Mia is our fun loving girl.  She likes to be challenged. We had been talking about Home Schooling Mia and when I found out who her teacher for next year would be, I was positive that I would Home School her.  She came home from school on the last day and said, "I have Mrs. ________ and I can't wait to got to school next year!"  Not because she had heard Mrs. _________ was a super nice teacher, but quite the opposite.  I have heard nothing good about her - even from other educators.  The other kids in Mia's class started to cry about having this teacher, but Mia looked at the challenge and knew she could do it.  I love this about Mia.  Mia really loves her brothers.  She can make some delicious desserts and is very interested in cooking lately.  She has a kind heart and seems to get along really well with anyone who will let her boss them around.  Mia has a great sense of humor and is getting better every day at laughing at herself.  Mia likes to climb trees.  We have a small tree in front of our house and she likes to climb the tree and has a basket that she will send down for supplies as needed.  One of my favorite things to hear from Mia is, "Can I eat my lunch in the tree?" Oh, how I love this girl.  She is my pal and is always eager to play with me.  Mia knows who she is and doesn't bend to peer pressure.  A trait that I am sure will help her much in the future.


MDawg said...

So when Ellis goes to school next year, will he learn to fight in Espanol?

Anyway, I love these updates. I like to hear about your kids, but I especially like to hear how much you love them!

Linda said...

Thanks Melissa, I can't believe how incredibly lucky we have been to have such great children.

mommaquincy said...

Your kids are great! I love hearing how much you appreciate each one! They are in good hands!

MDawg said...

Just in case you didn't understand my comment- I wasn't trying to say that Ellis is a fighter. I was just making a joke about duel immersion rather than dual immersion. :)

Linda said...

Haha, you are funny. Hopefully he won't be standing around the house yelling insults in spanish at us. =) I will fix that.

Too funny.