Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cousin Swap

 We got to have a cousin swap this past weekend.  We traded two kids (Jared and Mia) for one (Gabriel).  Gabriel fits in right between Gordon and Ellis.  It was so much fun having him with us.  We have been missing him.  Super glad to have Jared and Mia back though.
We tried to do some fun things.  We went on a hike trying to find a place called Nobletts.  We were not successful in finding the water fall, but we did have a nice hike.

 Ellis was excited to be taller than a tree.  Everything was so beautiful in this canyon.
 I don't even like pine trees, but this baby pine made me reconsider my thoughts on pine trees.  Good thing this wasn't a puppy or I would have brought it home.
 I love the look on Gordon and Ellis' faces.  They are so identical.  We didn't get far into the hike before Gordon was asking to turn back.  He informed me that he doesn't like hiking.  He would really get into it and then he would ask if we could head back.  At one point a butterfly landed on some horse poop.  Gordon said, "Gross! That butterfly is pollinating the horse poop!"
 Eyes wide open must be a Leary trait.  Even Gabriel does it.
 I love hiking pictures from the back.  We bought these camel packs when we went to Moab.  They boys were so excited to be able to wear them.  I was glad to have them because I didn't get stuck carrying 4 water bottles back to the car.
I think Gabriel might have been most excited when we had to stop in the middle of the road and wait for these cows to pass us.  The cows were calmer than the boys were in the car.

The next day we went to play at the "Mario Playground" at the school.