Saturday, May 26, 2012


Yesterday was the last day of school.  I have been toying with the idea of home schooling next year.  As of yesterday morning, Mia really wanted to be home schooled.  When the kids came home from school, they had their report cards with who their teacher would be next year.  Mia has the one teacher I didn't want her to get.  When she told me who she had, I tried to play it cool.  She told me that everyone in her class that also had this teacher started to cry. I thought, "if Mia wants to be home schooled now, I will definitely do it".  A while later I asked her if she was still interested in being home schooled.  She told me that she really wanted to go to public school.  She seems to have taken this teacher on as a personal challenge.  While I was disappointed, because I really was looking forward to home schooling her, I am proud of her for making such a great decision.  I know that next year is going to be a challenge, but I also know that Mia will meet this challenge head on.  She will do great.

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mommaquincy said...

She is a good kid! Good luck to both of you next year!