Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shake Out

Our school is having an earthquake drill on April 17. A note was sent home for the parents to fill out. After the earthquake drill, we will receive a phone call asking us to pick up our students at the Middle School. All of the South Summit Students will be there. We have to bring ID. for the kids we are picking up.

I think this is a brilliant idea. They have indicated on the letter sent home that this is the first time they have had a drill like this so please be patient when picking up your child. I love that they are practicing it to determine any necessary changes before a real emergency happens.

I am not sure how much I should say to the kids. The last time we had an earthquake drill at a school, Gordon was nervous about going to school for a long time. Maybe for FHE we will talk about emergency preparedness and we can talk about some of the things we would do in the event of an emergency. It should probably be covered any way.

We had a plan in our West Valley house. I did buy a fire extinguisher for this house at least.

Monday, March 19, 2012


Just when I thought it was almost spring (tomorrow technically) we got dumped on. It has been snowing since last night. We currently have ever 2 feet of snow - all from one storm. It is so pretty and soft. Maybe we can make a snowman today. I personally, am not tired of the snow yet. I was planning on making garden boxes and maybe setting up the trampoline this weekend, but it would seem my plans have been changed. Maybe we can get another afternoon of sledding in. I guess it will just depend on how long it stays.

Seth's mom gave us a box full of FHE ideas and some cash for Christmas. It has been fun choosing what we will do. The kids were delighted to pull out a paper that said, "Choose your own activity." We are going to go watch "The Lorax" tonight at the Kamas Theater. The kids can even get popcorn for $1.00 a bag. One of the fun things about living in a small town. Gordon and Ellis read "The Lorax" for the first time this year. It was pretty moving while Gordon was reading it and his little voice was catching because all of the trees were being cut down. He was pretty devastated over how it affected the other animals in the forest. Gordon and Ellis have been talking about this book for months. Maybe we have some little activists on our hands. I am happy to promote green living and taking care of our planet. I can't wait to watch this movie with them.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I made 3 batches of freezer jam today. Maybe tomorrow I will make some bread to spread that jam on.

The kids were so excited when they got home from school and smelled the sweet strawberry goodness of the jam. They have each* asked at different times if I would make rolls and they could have a jam sandwich. The jam is supposed to sit for 24 hours. It probably wouldn't have made any difference if I had given them some jam, but this way I didn't have to make rolls today too.

*Ellis does NOT like strawberries or any type of jam. He likes his rolls plain and would be thrilled if I made some. He just didn't ask for a roll with jam.


Gordon came home from school with a skull and cross bones eye patch on under his glasses. When I told him that I liked it, he said, "My teacher gave it to me because one of our spelling words is aaargh!"

According to my spell checker, aaargh really isn't a word. I do think it is fun that these cute first grade students get to learn how to spell like a pirate.

If it hasn't broken, maybe I will update with a photo.