Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mia, Made Up.

In 2010 Mia received a makeup kit for Christmas from Seth's sister. She has had a lot of fun practicing with it. It was so fun when she put her makeup on all by herself. She was so proud of how she looked.

Now that she has had practice, she has gotten much better at applying her makeup. It still looks like a little kid put it on, but not as badly. She even styled her own hair. =)

We were getting ready to go somewhere and I looked at Mia and she had lipstick all over her mouth and face. I asked her if she put it on without looking in a mirror. She proudly stated that she did. I told her, "If I put my lipstick on without looking in a mirror, it would get all over my face." Mia laughed so hard, imagining anyone getting lipstick all over their face. I was laughing because she had it all over her face and didn't even realize it.


Ambs said...

I was scared by that first picture, I thought Mia got punched in the nose!! I love how her blush is down by her mouth in the second one, like how dolls have pink at the ends of their lips. :) I hope you told her about the lipstick before you brought her out somewhere! hehe

Linda said...

Amber, I just took her with lipstick all over her face. She was so proud of herself and really, she didn't care that she had it all over her face.

mommaquincy said...

She's a cutie!