Monday, February 13, 2012


Gordon had one of his front teeth come out last month. His other one was pretty loose but he was very nervous to have it pulled out. I suggested that he just wiggle it a lot so that it would be ready to come out.

The other day Gordon came home and exclaimed, "My loose tooth came out!" I asked him if he pulled it out and he said, "No! I was eating my treat at school and I was like, huh? Who put a peanut in my treat? But do you know what it was, Mom? It was my tooth."

I love these gummy grins from teeth coming out.

I took this picture first. After I took it, I suggested to Gordon that he not look like he is so surprised.


mommaquincy said...

What a smile!

MDawg said...

Alex saw Gordon's picture and got upset! He's jealous! How lucky for Gordon to have lost some teeth!