Monday, February 20, 2012

Dude Hair

Gordon has this coarse, thick, curly hair. It pretty much does whatever it wants to. I keep it rather short to keep it under control.

Ellis was born with a Mohawk. He has always had extra hair on the top of his head. He has fine, thin hair that does whatever I want it to.

The other day Gordon asked me if he could have "Dude Hair". I told him that his hair was too short. Finally his hair was long enough to style. He was thrilled to have "Dude Hair" for church.

The reality is that it stayed like this just until I took the picture.


We get to have a family party at our house on Saturday and we are going to go sledding. We asked around and heard about 2 different sledding hills. We thought we should try them out before we went with everyone else. One is a ways from our house and sounds like a lot of fun. The other is pretty close to our house and I thought it sounded questionable. Turns out it was a lot of fun. It is called the "Kid Pit".

The "Kid Pit" is where we went. It used to be a gravel pit. Basically is it just a hole in the ground. When you drive by it doesn't even look like it is there. But it is. And it is fun.

Here are Seth and Mia right after landing a jump. I love the look on Seth's face and the wind in Mia's hair.

I handed the camera over to Seth and Ellis and I took a turn on the jump. I look like I am really bracing myself, but Ellis is grinning behind that hood. The whole way down he was yelling, "Woo-hoo!"

When we started walking toward the hill, Gordon said, "I can see where Dad wants us to go sledding and I don't think I am going to do it. I only like little hills." Gordon loved it. I should have gotten a picture of him going down backward, because that is pretty much the only way he went down. It was nice because there is a bathroom at the park and it is open. After Gordon used the bathroom he said, "I'm not done sledding. I will never be done!"

Jared going off the jump.

We found this little pink sled that someone was trying to get rid of because the bottom is all torn up and it goes very slowly down the hill. Mia tried it out and didn't even get a bump from the jump. It is perfect for Ellis. He doesn't like to go very fast. Now he can still play. I wish I had taken a picture of him carrying it above his head. It was so cute.

When Ellis and I got to the bottom of the hill, he got a bunch of snow sprayed in his face. Then he cried. He wanted to go again but he insisted that he rode behind Seth. He drug his feet the whole way. I think Seth was happy the he didn't have to ride over the bump again.

I think the look on Jared's face is great! He kept going over the jump and he would scream the whole way down.

We had a lot of fun when we went and can't wait to go this weekend. The weather was perfect. The sun was shining and the wind wasn't blowing. I hope that the weather cooperates as well on Saturday.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mia, Made Up.

In 2010 Mia received a makeup kit for Christmas from Seth's sister. She has had a lot of fun practicing with it. It was so fun when she put her makeup on all by herself. She was so proud of how she looked.

Now that she has had practice, she has gotten much better at applying her makeup. It still looks like a little kid put it on, but not as badly. She even styled her own hair. =)

We were getting ready to go somewhere and I looked at Mia and she had lipstick all over her mouth and face. I asked her if she put it on without looking in a mirror. She proudly stated that she did. I told her, "If I put my lipstick on without looking in a mirror, it would get all over my face." Mia laughed so hard, imagining anyone getting lipstick all over their face. I was laughing because she had it all over her face and didn't even realize it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I totally jumped on the band wagon this year and made these valentines. I was going to do something else for Jared. After he saw how cute these turned out, he had me make some for him too.

Monday, February 13, 2012


Gordon had one of his front teeth come out last month. His other one was pretty loose but he was very nervous to have it pulled out. I suggested that he just wiggle it a lot so that it would be ready to come out.

The other day Gordon came home and exclaimed, "My loose tooth came out!" I asked him if he pulled it out and he said, "No! I was eating my treat at school and I was like, huh? Who put a peanut in my treat? But do you know what it was, Mom? It was my tooth."

I love these gummy grins from teeth coming out.

I took this picture first. After I took it, I suggested to Gordon that he not look like he is so surprised.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I never suspected that any of my children would have trouble at school. I was very quiet and tried pretty hard to stay out of trouble. I never wanted to be noticed doing anything good, let alone anything bad. Who knows - maybe Seth had a different school experience...

At the beginning of the school year, I received a very uncomfortable phone call from the Vice Principal because Gordon was taking and hoarding some erasers. After talking to Gordon about it, we figured out it was because Gordon had to take a lot of erasers to school and then his teacher took them all. Gordon and I both thought that he would be using these erasers for the school year. He was just taking them back.

During that same phone call, Gordon had to tell me that when he washed his hands at school, he would shake them and some water got on the mirror. I also shake the water off my hands before I dry them. I was sure I knew who he learned that from. I went to school after it was dismissed that day and helped Gordon clean the windows. A project that I thought would take 10 or 15 minutes turned into 1 1/2 hours. We were at the hands of the janitor.

Then I found out that when his class was getting ready to go wait for the bus, Gordon was out the door, waiting for the bus. The teacher was a little embarrassed when I asked why I was hearing about it for the first time when it had been going on for weeks.

Now, fast forward to today. I went to lunch with Seth today. On the way home, I received a phone call from the lady in the Skills Room (where you go if you are in trouble). Naturally it was about Gordon. The conversation basically went like this:

"Hi Mrs. Leary. This is Mrs. (Blank) from the Elementary School. I am calling to let you know that I work in the Skills Room and there was an issue with Gordon today."

Me, "Oh no. What happened?"

Her, "During his class, another boy pinched Gordon on the neck. So Gordon went over and pinched him on the chest." At this point, I was sort of chuckling to myself. Not that it was okay, just that I never expected to be called for pinching. Then she said, "Another kid noticed that Gordon's neck was red so he started to rub it. Gordon thought he was going to hurt him, so Gordon choked him." Yep. You read that right. Gordon tried to choke another student.

Me, "Wow!"

Her, "We have worked it out and I don't think that this will happen again, we just wanted you to be aware."

Me, "Is there anything that you need me to do?"

Her, "No. He isn't going to be suspended or anything. We will, however, be keeping a record and if anything else happens, we will have to come up with another course of action."

Me, "Well, uh, thanks for letting me know."

Then we cordially said goodbye to each other.

I can't believe that he would even think to choke someone. It's not like we go around choking people here at home and we don't watch TV that involves people choking each other.

He did come out of primary one week with a red mark all the way around his neck and when I asked him what happened he said, "(Blank) tried to choke me and I couldn't breathe!"

Gordon is so physical. He is huggy and loves to be touched when he is happy and he is a hitter and a kicker when he is unhappy. I know it doesn't condone what he did, in fact I am appalled by it, but it does explain a little of it, at least to me.


I am excited to say that last weekend, Seth and I taught Mia and Jared how to play Pinochle. I learned from my friend Carrie's family. I was delighted when my brother and his wife started playing and couldn't have been happier to play with Seth.

For a beginner, Pinochle can appear very complicated. There is so much to remember before you even start laying down cards. Jared and Mia have caught on surprisingly well and it is a great motivator for getting homework done. We can play a couple of hands before they go to bed.

It is so fun for me to play with the kids a game that I really love.