Friday, November 4, 2011


For Halloween this year, we had an astronaut:

A Venus Fly Trap (Gordon really wanted to be a flower so that he could have face paint on his eyelids. My friend Melissa suggested that I talk him into a Venus Fly Trap. He loved the idea.):

A witch (Mia really wanted to be a werewolf but on Saturday, before the ward trunk-or-treat she decided to be a witch. I was happy to not have to make her a costume):

The Grim Reaper:

Our spooky kids:Seth dressed up as a bald guy. We tried to find an actual bald cap but we were unsuccessful.

I don't know what happened with the picture Seth took of me. I dressed up as a mom getting ready to shower - bathrobe, cold cream on my face and a shower cap. I hardly ever dress up and it was fun to go out with the family.

The weather was perfect. The next day it snowed. I was so happy that we had warm weather while we were out for Tricks-or-Treats.


MDawg said...

Oh, they all look great! I love the Venus Fly Trap! Did you make it up yourself? I'm glad Mia decided on a witch- for your sake. Looks like you had fun!

mommaquincy said...

Great costumes! you guys are so fun to read about!

Linda said...

I did make it up, Melissa. At our Halloween party, I had several people tell me how I could have made it better, but Gordon was thrilled with it. He even got to wear makeup. =)

Also, I think I really encouraged Mia to change her mind by bribing her with orange hairspray.

Ambs said...

I love the venus fly trap... and all of the others too! How did you make Seth's head look so bald? Amazing! ;)