Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One of Those Days

This morning Jared left his backpack at school. I told Seth, "I guess this is what happens when I send Jared out the door with my back toward him." I went to take it to the school.

Gordon needs a milk bottle for a school project. We have our milk delivered by Winder Dairy. Today is recycle day. I was driving toward the school and noticed that there were milk jugs a plenty. I pulled over on the side of the road so I could quickly grab one and be on my way to the school. I remember thinking, I need to unlock the doors so that I can get back in my car. I got out, went to grab the milk bottle and it had been crushed. I was disappointed but at least it only took a few minutes. When I went to get back in the car, the doors had been locked. Then I was crushed.

I went to the neighbors house to see if I could call Seth to bring me the spare key and the phone was busy. It turns out that at exactly the same time I was calling Seth, Jared was also calling to see what was taking so long.

I was going to run home and get his keys but the nice neighbor said she would drive me. I got Seth's keys and ignored the questioning look he gave me. Jared was relieved to see me and didn't even ask what took me so long.

On the way home from the school, I spied another milk carton - that hadn't been crushed. I successfully got it, without locking myself out of the car, and hurried home in time to fix Mia's hair.


mommaquincy said...

Aww motherhood in the morning! It seems like the more you hurry, the longer it takes!

Ambs said...

haha did the neighbor find it odd that you were stealing her garbage? ;)

Linda said...

Amber, I am not crazy enough to ask the neighbor who's garbage I have been sifting though for help. Naturally I went across the street.