Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Francoms are Coming!

One of my favorite families from West Valley is coming to visit us tomorrow. Everyone in my family loves everyone in their family.

It is hard to find the words to express how much my friend Melissa means to me. She always seems to know what I need before I do. For example, a little more than a year ago I had my toe operated on - it was no big deal. I was prescribed some Oxycontin for the pain. When I took the prescribed dosage, I had a horrible reaction. I was so sick. I couldn't even get out of bed. Melissa picked my kids up from school and brought them to my house. When she saw the state that I was in, she didn't even think about it. She took my kids to her house and kept them there until after Seth got home. Not only did she have my kids, but she made dinner for our family. She simply saw a need a took care of it.

I have always known that I can talk to Melissa about anything. It will stop with her. She might be as private a person as I am. =) The other day Gordon got in trouble at school and I was frustrated and regretting our move. I needed someone to talk to. Melissa called me and said, "I just called to talk." With tears in my eyes, I told her that I needed someone to talk to. She gave me a new perspective and when I finished talking to her, I felt renewed and ready to take care of the problem.

She has laughed with me through my joys and cried with me through my pains. I don't know that I could have asked for a better friend.

But! Not only is there Melissa in this family but there is Lillian who has always been a friend to Mia. Even when they were fighting over making crafts or playing spy, they have been friends. Even when both of them wanted to be the boss, they were friends. Mia told me the other day, "It was easy leaving Academy Park and going to Fox Hills because I had Lillian with me."

After Lillian comes Alex. Gordon and Alex are the same age. Sometimes Alex and Jared get along better than Alex and Gordon. My favorite story about Alex happened last year. I had brought Alex and Gordon home from Kindergarten and Gordon asked if Alex could eat lunch at our house. After his mom and I both said yes, I was driving to our house and with a twinkle in his eye, Alex asked me if we usually go out to eat for lunch.

The other day Gordon gave me a big hug and said, "Thank you for letting Alex Francom come to our house!" The boys are already planning the fun they are going to have with Alex.

Now we can talk about my friend Noah. This kid is hilarious! He has so much to say and is so animated. I used to get to tend him. He was the light of my day. He and Ellis always were so excited to see each other and then they would fight pretty much the whole time. I miss that. I can't wait to hear him ask me where our trampoline is and then hear him say, "Oh." when I tell him. Hopefully he hasn't forgotten who I am. Maybe he will even give me a hug.

Melissa's husband, Scott, was put in as the bishop of our ward. With various struggles I have gone through, I remember thinking, "I am so happy that I have a bishop who really cares about our family and someone that I feel comfortable confiding in." (I am sure our current bishop is great too.) He was the bishop when Mia was baptized and he is such a good man. He has encouraged and held my children to a high standard. My kids were so excited to pay tithing because they thought Bishop Francom got to keep it.

Mia and I were talking last night and she said, "Maybe there will be a huge storm after the Francom's get here on Friday and they will have to spend the night!" We talked about how much fun it would be and then she said, "I really don't hope that happens because I think they would like to sleep in their own beds.

I am looking forward to seeing my friends tomorrow.


MDawg said...

Aww! Thanks, Linda. We're all excited to visit, too. But I'm worried that it will make it harder to leave and say goodbye again!

Linda said...

Melissa, that is why I hesitate to drop in and visit when we are in town.

MDawg said...

You are always welcome to drop in and visit!