Monday, October 31, 2011

Dinner Party

Seth is definitely the fun one around our house. Last year I had invited our friends, the Gardners over for dinner on Halloween and then we would go trick-or-treat together. When I told Seth that we were having the Gardners for dinner, he got to work. Seth came up with some gruesome ideas and named our food so that it appeared we were actually eating the Garnders for dinner. Gross things like carrots were fingers and bread sticks were bones.

Turns out that the kids LOVED it. They have been talking about having the Gardners for dinner since May. When Kyllie and James moved in with the Gardner family, they were told about the Halloween silliness of last year and they kept mentioning to me how funny it would be if they were included in the Gardners for dinner.

We invited them over on Saturday. Seth came up with silly names like, "Bones. James' Bones" for bread sticks and "Spencer's Spit" for Sprite or Raleyes for grapes. It was fun to listen to them say, "Which one is me? Where's mine?" I am not sure if Seth is gruesome enough to plan something for next year.

My favorite part of the whole day was when Seth was telling the kids that we were going to have the Gardners for dinner. Gordon started to cry and said, "Mom. You said we were going to have pizza tonight."

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mommaquincy said...

You guys are awesome! I'm glad that Seth hasn't lost his great sense of humor and creative streak from his youth!