Monday, October 31, 2011

Dinner Party

Seth is definitely the fun one around our house. Last year I had invited our friends, the Gardners over for dinner on Halloween and then we would go trick-or-treat together. When I told Seth that we were having the Gardners for dinner, he got to work. Seth came up with some gruesome ideas and named our food so that it appeared we were actually eating the Garnders for dinner. Gross things like carrots were fingers and bread sticks were bones.

Turns out that the kids LOVED it. They have been talking about having the Gardners for dinner since May. When Kyllie and James moved in with the Gardner family, they were told about the Halloween silliness of last year and they kept mentioning to me how funny it would be if they were included in the Gardners for dinner.

We invited them over on Saturday. Seth came up with silly names like, "Bones. James' Bones" for bread sticks and "Spencer's Spit" for Sprite or Raleyes for grapes. It was fun to listen to them say, "Which one is me? Where's mine?" I am not sure if Seth is gruesome enough to plan something for next year.

My favorite part of the whole day was when Seth was telling the kids that we were going to have the Gardners for dinner. Gordon started to cry and said, "Mom. You said we were going to have pizza tonight."

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One of Those Days

This morning Jared left his backpack at school. I told Seth, "I guess this is what happens when I send Jared out the door with my back toward him." I went to take it to the school.

Gordon needs a milk bottle for a school project. We have our milk delivered by Winder Dairy. Today is recycle day. I was driving toward the school and noticed that there were milk jugs a plenty. I pulled over on the side of the road so I could quickly grab one and be on my way to the school. I remember thinking, I need to unlock the doors so that I can get back in my car. I got out, went to grab the milk bottle and it had been crushed. I was disappointed but at least it only took a few minutes. When I went to get back in the car, the doors had been locked. Then I was crushed.

I went to the neighbors house to see if I could call Seth to bring me the spare key and the phone was busy. It turns out that at exactly the same time I was calling Seth, Jared was also calling to see what was taking so long.

I was going to run home and get his keys but the nice neighbor said she would drive me. I got Seth's keys and ignored the questioning look he gave me. Jared was relieved to see me and didn't even ask what took me so long.

On the way home from the school, I spied another milk carton - that hadn't been crushed. I successfully got it, without locking myself out of the car, and hurried home in time to fix Mia's hair.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Francoms are Coming!

One of my favorite families from West Valley is coming to visit us tomorrow. Everyone in my family loves everyone in their family.

It is hard to find the words to express how much my friend Melissa means to me. She always seems to know what I need before I do. For example, a little more than a year ago I had my toe operated on - it was no big deal. I was prescribed some Oxycontin for the pain. When I took the prescribed dosage, I had a horrible reaction. I was so sick. I couldn't even get out of bed. Melissa picked my kids up from school and brought them to my house. When she saw the state that I was in, she didn't even think about it. She took my kids to her house and kept them there until after Seth got home. Not only did she have my kids, but she made dinner for our family. She simply saw a need a took care of it.

I have always known that I can talk to Melissa about anything. It will stop with her. She might be as private a person as I am. =) The other day Gordon got in trouble at school and I was frustrated and regretting our move. I needed someone to talk to. Melissa called me and said, "I just called to talk." With tears in my eyes, I told her that I needed someone to talk to. She gave me a new perspective and when I finished talking to her, I felt renewed and ready to take care of the problem.

She has laughed with me through my joys and cried with me through my pains. I don't know that I could have asked for a better friend.

But! Not only is there Melissa in this family but there is Lillian who has always been a friend to Mia. Even when they were fighting over making crafts or playing spy, they have been friends. Even when both of them wanted to be the boss, they were friends. Mia told me the other day, "It was easy leaving Academy Park and going to Fox Hills because I had Lillian with me."

After Lillian comes Alex. Gordon and Alex are the same age. Sometimes Alex and Jared get along better than Alex and Gordon. My favorite story about Alex happened last year. I had brought Alex and Gordon home from Kindergarten and Gordon asked if Alex could eat lunch at our house. After his mom and I both said yes, I was driving to our house and with a twinkle in his eye, Alex asked me if we usually go out to eat for lunch.

The other day Gordon gave me a big hug and said, "Thank you for letting Alex Francom come to our house!" The boys are already planning the fun they are going to have with Alex.

Now we can talk about my friend Noah. This kid is hilarious! He has so much to say and is so animated. I used to get to tend him. He was the light of my day. He and Ellis always were so excited to see each other and then they would fight pretty much the whole time. I miss that. I can't wait to hear him ask me where our trampoline is and then hear him say, "Oh." when I tell him. Hopefully he hasn't forgotten who I am. Maybe he will even give me a hug.

Melissa's husband, Scott, was put in as the bishop of our ward. With various struggles I have gone through, I remember thinking, "I am so happy that I have a bishop who really cares about our family and someone that I feel comfortable confiding in." (I am sure our current bishop is great too.) He was the bishop when Mia was baptized and he is such a good man. He has encouraged and held my children to a high standard. My kids were so excited to pay tithing because they thought Bishop Francom got to keep it.

Mia and I were talking last night and she said, "Maybe there will be a huge storm after the Francom's get here on Friday and they will have to spend the night!" We talked about how much fun it would be and then she said, "I really don't hope that happens because I think they would like to sleep in their own beds.

I am looking forward to seeing my friends tomorrow.

Days Like These

Sometimes I think the reason Mia wants a sister is so that I will have another head of hair to fix. Mia puts up with me fixing her hair. She would really like to just wash and go. I, however, love to fix her hair. Sometimes we struggle at compromising.

One thing that Mia does love is having her hair brushed at the end of a day. We were watching a movie last night and she brought me the hairbrush. She said, "Brush my hair?" My heart sang and I brushed her hair for nearly an hour. Pure heaven.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


How did we go from this beautiful weather,

to this snowy, cold weather over night?

Looks like winter is here, whether I am ready or not.

Monday, October 3, 2011


Mia and Gordon don't always get along. In fact, I would say that they get along the least of any of our children. I am not sure what it is. It isn't that they really fight a lot. They just don't play together often or choose to sit by each other. They will play with one another on occasion, they just don't generally choose to. Mia would typically rather play with Ellis and Gordon would typically rather play with Jared.

We took our family photos yesterday and I was delighted to capture this moment. They chose to sit by each other and they even requested that I take this picture.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


We have here a pretty picture intensive post about our trip to Disneyland. It was an adventure as soon as we got to the air port. The kids talked the whole time on this shuttle and thought it was cool to see so many cars parked in the same location.

Notice Jared brought his Lego Magazine? It is really just a Lego Catalog. He has been so worried since we moved to Kamas (near Park City, Connie W.) that the Lego Magazine wouldn't come to us any more. I need to update our address so he can maybe get one for Christmas.

Gordon told me that this is the way he always smiles. He has been experimenting with his "normal" smile lately to discover which one he likes best. It was fun to see the sunset in the window after I took this photo. When the plane took off, Gordon said, "Now I know what a bird feels like! I like it!"

Can you tell that we don't get broadcast television at our house. I suspect the kids would have been happy if we had planned to just watch TV for a whole day. They did get a few hours worth because Disneyland didn't open until 10:00 and we got up at 6:00.

Jared was so fascinated by how tall the palm trees were. And that they were everywhere.

So excited to finally be at Disneyland.

Studying the maps to figure out where to go. When we first found out that White Knight was sending us to Disneyland, I ordered a "Plan Your Trip" DVD. It arrived the day after we got home.

Jared, Mia and Gordon were chosen as Jedi's for this Star War show we watched. I don't think Jared could have been more excited when Darth Vader came on stage. Ellis seemed to be content to watch from the side and not have to use the force to fight any bad guys.
Mia was ready to chop him in half. She didn't want to stop when her turn to fight Darth Maul ended.
When the show was over Gordon said to me, "Do you know what I want to be when I grow up? A Jedi!" Yesterday I went on a walk with him and he said, "People can't really be Jedi's when they grow up."

Who let Ellis drive? He can't see over the steering wheel.

Ellis and I played in Tarzan's house while the others rode a "fast train" that Ellis was too short to ride.

I told him to pretend that he was really scared of getting attacked.

This is pretty much how Gordon spent his time. He hates loud noises. During the fireworks, he was curled up in a ball with his hands over his ears rolling around so he could watch the fireworks on both sides of the park.

When the others went on Splash Mountain (again, Ellis was too short to ride it), I took Ellis on the Winnie the Pooh ride. The only line we stood in to meet Characters was to meet Winnie the Pooh. I know they are just people in costumes, but they acted so excited to meet Ellis. He was thrilled to hug them.

Mia was chosen to dance with the Phineas and Ferb dance party. She was so excited about it.

After a while, anyone who wanted to dance could come out. Jared didn't want to go for the longest time, but when he decided that maybe he wasn't too cool to do it, he really got into it.

The longest line we all stood in together was the Toy Story line. It was such a fun ride. I thought it was so creative. Seth said, "We stood in line that long and all it was was a video game?!" It was my favorite ride.

While Seth took the big kids on some big kid rides, I went to a Bugs World with Gordon and Ellis. They loved playing in the leaky hose.

They got so wet that they had to use a towel to dry the seat after they got off this ride.

After riding all the rides in a Bugs World, we went and watched a 4-D movie where the kids got official bug eyes.

This was after the fireworks. We never really stood in line for a long time but I think we would have if we hadn't gone back to the hotel after the fireworks. There were so many people!

On Saturday we went to the beach. It was so cloudy and cold. Apparently this makes ideal circumstances for surfing. I was so surprised at how many surfers there were on the water. They just kept coming.

Once Ellis discovered that you can write in the sand, he wouldn't stop. He would run in the water and then run out say, "this is actually really fun!" write his name and run back to the water.

Gordon found this shell and I showed him that it looked like a heart. When I wrote I heart Gordon, he said, "Yeah. Because I am your boyfriend."