Sunday, September 11, 2011

Space Cowboy

Let me introduce to one of the loves of my life. This is Gordon. He would like to have it be known that he "IS NOT A COWBOY!" I know he looks like one and he does live in Kamas, but he is NOT a cowboy.

The other day, since Kamas has a "rich cowboy culture", all of the first grade students were to dress up as cowboys. They already "dressed" a paper doll as a cowboy before school started.

Gordon was pretty upset to have to be a cowboy. He was grouchy about the whole thing and then he was the only first grade student at the bus stop. Some of the bigger kids were looking at him. He defiantly looked back at them, silently daring them to say anything about his clothes. No one said anything but when the bus came, he didn't care to get on it.

The principal brought her horse for the kids to see. I asked Gordon if he liked seeing the horse and he said, "No. I didn't like it. All we got to do was look at it and watch it eat grass." He was completely unimpressed.

At least he got to have a Popsicle and that seemed to have made the whole dressing like a cowboy thing worthwhile.

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MDawg said...

Well, he does make a cute cowboy- even if it is a grouchy one!