Friday, September 16, 2011

School Pickup

The kids generally ride the bus home from school. Wednesday Gordon was invited to a birthday party at the movie theater and in order for us to be on time, I needed to pick the kids up from school. I called the school to ask them to please let my kids know that I would be picking them up. They asked if I would be going through the pickup line. I told them yes. I was a little nervous about the kids getting on the bus because I couldn't see them anywhere.

I got in line behind some cars, while wondering if I was even in the right line and how easy it would be to just park somewhere and go find them.

A few short minutes after I stopped in the middle of the road (the line I was in), the cars in front of me started driving. I cautiously followed them, hoping I was in the right spot. Let me tell you, the system they have for picking up kids from school is so slick! The cars forms a line. All of the kids that are going to be picked up from school go to the front of the line. Some teachers stand with them to make sure they only go with their parents. Cars pull up, get their kids and drive away. They allow about 4 cars to be picking up students at a time. Then the next cars pull forward. Someone is there directing the cars, so you know exactly what to do. It was calm and efficient. I was very impressed with their system.

It was so fun to be watching my kids and seeing the moment when they recognized me. Their eyes lit up and they started waving. I might have to do it again, just for that sweet moment when they are so happy to see me.

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mommaquincy said...

Aww! I remember those days!