Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fun in Francis

Over Labor Day Weekend, Francis had their "Frontier Days". This is a celebration for the settling of Francis. It started out with kids riding sheep.

I am not exactly certain who to feel sorry for. The kids who obviously didn't want to ride on these sheep or the sheep.

This boy wanted a second try.

See how this mom caught her son as he flew off the sheep?

This boy did the best of all the riders. He rode for so long.

His mom looks exceptionally proud of him. I think they all got a trophy for participating.

After riding the sheep, they brought out the calves. These little calves were so spirited. All of the kids were crying when they fell off. Maybe they thought it would be fun before they got on?

It was a little insane.

After riding the calves, the Rodeo Queen and her Attendants held animals and the kids by varying ages got to catch them. If they caught them, they kept them.

Here you can see Mia and Jared. They are next to their friends, Katelyn and Ethan.

Jared is really hoping for this chicken. He has grand ideas that he will be able to sell it if he catches it. Unfortunately for him, he didn't catch it.

They taped $5.00 to the hind end of this calf. You can see Mia chasing it. She got pretty close and then someone shoved her down.


mommaquincy said...

It sounds like a violent sport! Interesting though.

MDawg said...

Wow! Why don't I see Ellis and Gordon riding the sheep? :)

Ambs said...

HAHAHA!!! This reminds me of the little Jensen kids riding on sheep as kids. Kamas is awesome.