Monday, August 29, 2011

What's that smell?

Seth ran home to get the car while we were at church yesterday because our little boys were so hungry they felt weak and I didn't want to have to carry them home - and because I had some blisters on my feet. I asked him to preheat the oven on the way out.

When we got home from church, it smelled terrible; like gas. We have a gas oven. I didn't know if gas ovens typically smelled bad when they were preheating. The smell went away and so I waited to call Questar until this morning. When I was sweeping the floor this morning, I bent over next to the oven and I again smelled the gas odor. I called Questar and they sent the nicest guy over to check it out. He had this gas detector thing and kept saying, "So far, so good." When he crawled under the oven to see if there was a problem with the gas line, his alarm went off. It sounded like an ambulance. He seemed rather surprised that there was a leak at all.

I hate that there was a gas leak in our home.

The Questar guy fixed the leak. He ended up spending nearly 2 hours at our house. He later told me, "We really aren't supposed to fix the leak. We just turn the gas off and you can get a repair man to come in but I really didn't want to leave you without an oven." He really was so nice. I know he needed to go to Park City but he took the time to take care of our oven.

I am so glad that I called to make sure the odor was normal - especially since it wasn't. I am also happy that the guy kept saying, "This hasn't gotten to the atmosphere." More than anything, I am glad that we are all still alive.


Sharon said...

I'm so glad that nothing exploded!

Missy said...

Oh, so glad you figured it out. We had a gas leak ever since we moved in, but luckily it was on the outside of the house. And our CO detector has gone off a few times. That's a little unnerving.

Jessica said...

Scary! So glad you got that taken care of.