Thursday, August 4, 2011


It seems so much has happened lately.

* Mia passed level 5 in swimming. Next week she beginning level 6. Next year, maybe she will get to take the diving lessons they offer.

* Seth's parents came for a visit on Tuesday. We had a fun time walking around Kamas and showing them what we have been doing. We took them over to see the house we were buying and it just so happened that the appraiser had left it unlocked, so they got to see the inside too.

* I took Jared to Mill Hollow. It was funny because I had to drive them to Fox Hills so he could ride the bus up to Mill Hollow. The bus went right past the condo we are currently living in. Jared said that he showed his friends where we were living, where Seth works and where we are moving.

* I am now a visiting teacher. Oh, how I love visiting teaching. I have made some of my very best friends through visiting teaching. When the RS President asked if I was willing, I couldn't have been more thrilled. I can't wait to go.

* Seth's boss told him that he wanted to pay for our family to go to Disneyland. They are even paying for us to fly. I have never been to Disneyland before, I can't wait to tell our kids. They are going to be so excited!

* On Wednesday I had to pick Jared up from Fox Hills at 3:30 so the kids and I went to West Valley after we finished swimming lessons and got to visit one of my favorite families ever.

*Mia went to her first Activity Days and they have 20 girls ages 8-11. I don't know why they don't split the ages, but I am not the boss.

* Jared gets to start swimming lessons next week. They wouldn't let us do a half session and since he would be gone to Mill Hollow, I decided to just not have him take lessons.

* I registered the kids for school. I just finished this for today. We know who the teachers are going to be. We walked through the school today and found all of the classes for the kids. Some fun things about school are: Jared will be going an hour before the other kids and he will get home an hour before the other kids. I think it will be nice to have an hour with just the two of us. We don't have early out regularly, but any days that there is an early out, there is no Kindergarten. I really don't like spending the whole day getting Kindergartners to and from school. Our kids will ride the bus. Jared will ride a different bus than the other 3 kids. One of the afternoon classes that all 5th graders take is piano lessons. I think it is fun that Jared can learn a bit at school. I am still hoping to find a piano teacher for the kids. I need to wait until we are in the house and have the piano out again.

* Something that is driving me crazy is that we have a list of items to bring to school. I don't mind bringing things to school, but I doubt that Gordon is going to go through 50 glue sticks. Will he really need 40 pencils this year? I thought Utah was a state that provided school supplies. I am also curious as to why the crayons they need to bring are the twist crayons. Do they think that the kids won't break them if they have the twist crayons? Do they even sell a package of 8 twist crayons? Are they less than the $.25 package of 24 crayons? I bet not. My kids always choose to use any crayons that are not the twist crayons. Or they will unwind them until they are all of the way up and then break them. I think I will end up just sending regular crayons. I doubt that they are going to get kicked out of school because their crayons are they wrong ones.

* They asked me at the school today if my kids were in any special programs. I told them about the Magnet program and they told me that they don't really have anything to offer gifted students and they wanted to know if the kids had any learning disabilities. The middle school did tell me that on occasion they have sent 5th graders to math with the 6th graders. I am sure Jared will be a real midget if we do that. I am not really sure how it will work out.

Things are good. We are all healthy and happy. When asked how he likes Kamas, Jared replied, "I love it!"


MDawg said...

Do you need me to go to Shopko for you to get more glue sticks and pencils? The items on the list do seem kind of strange! I hope the school year goes well!

Missy said...

So is Jared is a middle school? I haven't heard of middle school starting in 5th grade.

The crayon thing is weird. I'm with you. I'd send the cheap ones too. We never had a good experience with the twist crayons.

mommaquincy said...

It sounds like you are settling in! That sounds very awesome to have a boss offer a family vacation like that! My friend DeEtte Earl lives in Kamas and may be teaching piano. She teaches 5th grade, so maybe not? I think she teaches in Park City though.

ellisgomez said...

I love Kamas! You should go in the Gateway Grille sometime and ask for the owner... Shawn Wharton. He's your cousin! Great place for lunch :)
We just had girls camp up there. SO many good hikes to go on! I'll be up to visit as soon as you are taking visitors!