Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lit Journal

I know I have complained a lot about the kids schooling. It is hard not to compare when what you had was ideal. One thing that I absolutely love about Mia's class is they have this Lit. Journal. She has to have 5 entries a week (she entered 4 tonight). What she has to do is read a book (or a chapter if it is a chapter book) and write a summary about the chapter. She then has to write a personal connection. My favorite is the following: She has been reading a "Warriors" book. The chapter she was reading talked a lot about a fight that a couple of cat clans are having. Her PC (personal connection) was, "Jared and I fight a lot. We never bleed though."

I think this is something that will be valuable to her when she is older. It is so fun to see the way she thinks. It is a treat for me to be her mom.

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mommaquincy said...

Thankfully there's no blood. I remember those days with my kids.