Monday, August 8, 2011

Ice Cream

There is a little restaurant here that serves Bubble Gum Ice Cream. I, personally, am not a fan of bubble gum ice cream. I do, however, remember the first time I tried it. It feels like one of those things that all children should get to try. I took the kids today for some. Mia chose to have Raspberry Cheesecake Ice Cream instead. The boys went for bubble gum and they loved it! I don't know if it has improved or what. A few hours later we went to Costco and on the way home Gordon said, "Mom. Thanks for the bubble gum ice cream!"

In other news, I took Gordon to meet his teacher today. He was so excited until we got inside the classroom. When we met Mrs. Provost, Gordon would not even look at her. She tried to ask him a few questions and he just looked away and wouldn't answer. I have no doubt that he will love her. She seemed very nice. It was just so Gordon to behave that way.

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mommaquincy said...

Maybe Mrs. Provost needs to offer him some bubblegum ice cream!