Friday, August 26, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten

This little cutie started Kindergarten yesterday. He had a lot of fun and was excited to go back today. He got to bring a teddy bear and had a teddy bear picnic. Ellis is so concerned with his hair. Of all my kids, he definitely cares the most what his hair looks like. Here he is with his "dude hair". Mia touched his hair before she left and told him good bye. Ellis started crying because his hair was ruined. I told him that we would just fix it before he went to school.

Ellis is the smallest of all our kids. I bought him these new pants and they are size 3T. He is about an inch shorter than our other kids were at the age of 4. The school has lockers for each student to put their backpacks into. Ellis is too short to reach the hook he is supposed to hang his backpack on. I told him that he could just put it on the bottom of the locker
Ellis was in PE (which he calls his exercise class) and he needed to go to the bathroom. He went to tell the PE teacher and he was told to go sit on his mat. I am sure that with 25 kindergarten kids you would need them to sit down so there was some sort of organization. Well, Ellis went and sat down. He ended up wetting his pants because he had to go. He didn't tell anyone and because he was wearing dark pants, no one noticed. I gave him a hug when he got home and he was feeling moist. I asked him if he wet his pants and he started crying and said that his exercise teacher wouldn't let him go to the bathroom. I told him next time to just say, "I need to go potty!" if he was told to sit down.

I don't think it effected him too much because he was happy to tell me that they got to practice balancing bean bags on their heads for PE. I probably stressed him out this morning when I was telling him to make sure the teacher knew when he needed to go to the bathroom. I really loved how Gordon's Kindergarten teacher has a signal that the kids could use to show they needed to use the bathroom, rather than just the regular raising of their hands.


mommaquincy said...

He is a cutie! I hope he forgets about the wet pants by next week!

MDawg said...

Oh my gosh! He looks so grown up! I've always loved his dude hair! I hope his kindergarten year is great!