Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day of 5th Grade

This is how our house was this morning. I was concerned about the kids on the first day of school, in a new place but I shouldn't have worried. Jared is now in middle school. I don't love that he rides the bus with the 12th graders, but it is what it is. We talked about sitting only with kids his age and sitting in the front. He is a good boy and listened. Luckily we have a neighbor across the street that he is great friends with. They stuck together. Things Jared was excited about for school include: Making friends with a boy named Owen. I didn't hear too much about him except that he is really nice and Jared likes him. Jared started giggling tonight while we were talking about school at dinner. (I have some lunch trays similar to the schools. I pulled them out tonight in honor of the first day of school and we celebrated school as a family.) He said that at South Summit they are required to have 10 AR points this semester. The thing he found funny about this is that he had to have 200 points last year. It was so funny how he just kept giggling and giggling. Even tonight when he went to bed he brought it up again. He likes his teacher and is making friends.

After I took this picture I sent Jared in to brush his teeth. He almost missed the bus because of it. I asked him if he wanted me to go to the school to make sure he got to the right spot and he said no. Logan was going to help him. He didn't have any trouble with his locker combination and I was glad that we had practiced it so many times on the Meet the Teacher Night.


MDawg said...

It will be interesting to see what Jared learns this year. He'll have the 10 AR points done in a few weeks!

mommaquincy said...

He is such a smartie! He'll get those points increased for next quarter, I bet!

Linda said...

If he took a test on the books he read just this week, he would have 20 points. He is taking the test on Tuesday.

Chris, his teacher told him that he can only increase 5 points each quarter. Not sure what is going to happen with it.