Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lit Journal

I know I have complained a lot about the kids schooling. It is hard not to compare when what you had was ideal. One thing that I absolutely love about Mia's class is they have this Lit. Journal. She has to have 5 entries a week (she entered 4 tonight). What she has to do is read a book (or a chapter if it is a chapter book) and write a summary about the chapter. She then has to write a personal connection. My favorite is the following: She has been reading a "Warriors" book. The chapter she was reading talked a lot about a fight that a couple of cat clans are having. Her PC (personal connection) was, "Jared and I fight a lot. We never bleed though."

I think this is something that will be valuable to her when she is older. It is so fun to see the way she thinks. It is a treat for me to be her mom.

Small Town Benefits

Not only does it take me just a few minutes to get pretty much anywhere in the Kamas area, I had forgotten to pick up a hold at the library and they actually called me to see if I still wanted it or if they should re-shelf the book. I certainly didn't get that in Salt Lake.

Monday, August 29, 2011


I was surprised when Mia brought home her spelling list. She is in third grade and she has words like: leg and hid and black on it. I asked Gordon to spell some of the words and he was thrilled that he could spell third grade words. Mia couldn't stop giggling when I asked her to spell the words. Jared told Mia, "It looks like you won't ever have to study spelling again."

What's that smell?

Seth ran home to get the car while we were at church yesterday because our little boys were so hungry they felt weak and I didn't want to have to carry them home - and because I had some blisters on my feet. I asked him to preheat the oven on the way out.

When we got home from church, it smelled terrible; like gas. We have a gas oven. I didn't know if gas ovens typically smelled bad when they were preheating. The smell went away and so I waited to call Questar until this morning. When I was sweeping the floor this morning, I bent over next to the oven and I again smelled the gas odor. I called Questar and they sent the nicest guy over to check it out. He had this gas detector thing and kept saying, "So far, so good." When he crawled under the oven to see if there was a problem with the gas line, his alarm went off. It sounded like an ambulance. He seemed rather surprised that there was a leak at all.

I hate that there was a gas leak in our home.

The Questar guy fixed the leak. He ended up spending nearly 2 hours at our house. He later told me, "We really aren't supposed to fix the leak. We just turn the gas off and you can get a repair man to come in but I really didn't want to leave you without an oven." He really was so nice. I know he needed to go to Park City but he took the time to take care of our oven.

I am so glad that I called to make sure the odor was normal - especially since it wasn't. I am also happy that the guy kept saying, "This hasn't gotten to the atmosphere." More than anything, I am glad that we are all still alive.

Friday, August 26, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten

This little cutie started Kindergarten yesterday. He had a lot of fun and was excited to go back today. He got to bring a teddy bear and had a teddy bear picnic. Ellis is so concerned with his hair. Of all my kids, he definitely cares the most what his hair looks like. Here he is with his "dude hair". Mia touched his hair before she left and told him good bye. Ellis started crying because his hair was ruined. I told him that we would just fix it before he went to school.

Ellis is the smallest of all our kids. I bought him these new pants and they are size 3T. He is about an inch shorter than our other kids were at the age of 4. The school has lockers for each student to put their backpacks into. Ellis is too short to reach the hook he is supposed to hang his backpack on. I told him that he could just put it on the bottom of the locker
Ellis was in PE (which he calls his exercise class) and he needed to go to the bathroom. He went to tell the PE teacher and he was told to go sit on his mat. I am sure that with 25 kindergarten kids you would need them to sit down so there was some sort of organization. Well, Ellis went and sat down. He ended up wetting his pants because he had to go. He didn't tell anyone and because he was wearing dark pants, no one noticed. I gave him a hug when he got home and he was feeling moist. I asked him if he wet his pants and he started crying and said that his exercise teacher wouldn't let him go to the bathroom. I told him next time to just say, "I need to go potty!" if he was told to sit down.

I don't think it effected him too much because he was happy to tell me that they got to practice balancing bean bags on their heads for PE. I probably stressed him out this morning when I was telling him to make sure the teacher knew when he needed to go to the bathroom. I really loved how Gordon's Kindergarten teacher has a signal that the kids could use to show they needed to use the bathroom, rather than just the regular raising of their hands.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day of 1st Grade

Gordon was a bit apprehensive about going to school. I was surprised by him. I guess someone made fun of the way he talks. He struggles with saying his "R's" which I guess is developmental until after 3rd grade. When he says his name it often sounds like "Golden". He has started saying, "I can't say my name." when people ask him his name. This makes me sad. I love the way everything Gordon says sounds like a little song. He is a good kid.

When Gordon got off the bus, he ran up and gave me a big hug. He said, "Mom. Did you miss me so much?" I told him that I did and I asked him if he missed me. Gordon said, "Not a whole bunch, but I did miss you a little.

Gordon was upset to not have any homework tonight. He said that he is trying to make friends with a boy named Kai. He said that he couldn't sit by Alex any more because they talked to each other too much. (We have some great friends in West Valley and one of them is named Alex. Now Gordon is excited to meet anyone named Alex.)

Gordon's class got to read "The Kissing Hand" in class and they made a puppet of a raccoon. It was so cute to see Gordon's. He colored it like a rainbow. Gordon said that everyone in the class got a cookie shaped like a hand with "a chocolate chip" in it. I told him that it was probably a Hershey's kiss, to match the story. Gordon was amazed that there is such a thing as a chocolate kiss.

Gordon asked me, "Can I have school lunch on pancake day?" He is loving eating lunch at school. His teacher is Mrs. Provost and she is very nice.

First Day of 3rd Grade

Mia entered 3rd grade today. Her teacher is Mrs. Blazzard. She happens to be related to the people Seth works for.

Mia was probably most excited of all the kids about school this morning. She didn't complain at all about having to get ready for school. She had met her teacher previously and loved her. I let Mia choose her first day of school clothes and she fell in love with these pink shoes. I don't think you can really understand how great these shoes are. They sparkle but she can run in them. It is the perfect combination for Mia. She is wearing a pair of pants with a horse embroidered on the side, which is perfect for our location.

Once I got Jared out the door and on the bus, I worked in earnest on Mia and Gordon. They hustled and we got out to the bus stop at 7:22, with a little time to spare. They are doing road construction so we weren't really surprised when the bus was running late. After a few minutes I said, "Oh man. We are an hour early. You don't get on the bus until 8:22." We went back inside and I let Mia and Gordon use the computer - something we really don't do in the mornings before school.

Mia commented at dinner that she wasn't really very happy with school this year. I asked her why and she said that it was because they hadn't done any worksheets. She had a little homework - a word search with the names of all the kids in her class. She said that she helped her teacher during the first recess and then played with Molly during lunch recess. I am glad that she found someone to play with.

It was a pretty good day for her even if she didn't have any worksheets to do. She was excited because she gets to bring a memory bag to school tomorrow and tell the class about herself. She pulled out some photos of friends and said, "These are the only real memories. The rest are current.

First Day of 5th Grade

This is how our house was this morning. I was concerned about the kids on the first day of school, in a new place but I shouldn't have worried. Jared is now in middle school. I don't love that he rides the bus with the 12th graders, but it is what it is. We talked about sitting only with kids his age and sitting in the front. He is a good boy and listened. Luckily we have a neighbor across the street that he is great friends with. They stuck together. Things Jared was excited about for school include: Making friends with a boy named Owen. I didn't hear too much about him except that he is really nice and Jared likes him. Jared started giggling tonight while we were talking about school at dinner. (I have some lunch trays similar to the schools. I pulled them out tonight in honor of the first day of school and we celebrated school as a family.) He said that at South Summit they are required to have 10 AR points this semester. The thing he found funny about this is that he had to have 200 points last year. It was so funny how he just kept giggling and giggling. Even tonight when he went to bed he brought it up again. He likes his teacher and is making friends.

After I took this picture I sent Jared in to brush his teeth. He almost missed the bus because of it. I asked him if he wanted me to go to the school to make sure he got to the right spot and he said no. Logan was going to help him. He didn't have any trouble with his locker combination and I was glad that we had practiced it so many times on the Meet the Teacher Night.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Missing: 1 Tooth

I can't believe that I forgot to post that Gordon's first tooth came out on August 4. We were on our way to a work camp out and I looked at Gordon and his tooth was standing horizontal instead of vertical. I told Gordon that he needed to let me pull it or he would lose it while he was at the camp out. He was pretty nervous about having it come out and was pleasantly surprised when it didn't hurt at all. He was so excited. He told everyone he saw that his tooth fell out. Who knows, maybe I will get a picture posted sometime.

Another fun tooth fact is that we have an appointment with a dentist named Dr. Ellis on Monday. I haven't told Ellis yet, but he is going to be so thrilled.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


If I had to choose just one word to describe Mia's teacher, Mrs. Blazzard, I would use delightful. It was such a treat to meet her with Mia today. Mia is pretty excited about school starting and was happy to discover that one of the girls from her primary class is in her school class.

Mrs. Blazzard was open to discussing challenging Mia in school with me. Mia also told her that she loves to write so Mrs. Blazzard gave her a composition notebook. She wrote "Top Secret" on it and has been writing down the things she has observed today. Just like "Harriet the Spy".

Mia said, "This says "Top Secret" because I don't want any of you to read what I wrote in it." A few minutes later she said, "I will read you what I just observed. 'Never ride in a hot car!'" Coincidentally, I had just observed the same thing.

Monday, August 15, 2011

We have a house!

We closed on the house on Wednesday and obtained possession on Friday. Seth has been working like crazy getting it ready for us to move in. Our current plans are to move in this coming weekend.

We told the kids they could choose colors for their rooms and we would paint them. This was before we had possession of the house and saw how there were many things left to do. I taped for a couple of days and Seth has been a painting machine. I will be okay if we don't paint any other rooms for a very long time - even though I don't really love the color of the current walls.

We had a plumber come in and help with some plumbing issues. He was super nice and lives in our neighborhood. He gave us an amazing deal. When we questioned the amount he was charging us he said, "You need to take care of your neighbors." I am sure if he ever has a computer question, Seth will be there to take care of him.

We are having our carpets cleaned on Wednesday. Again we are getting another amazing deal from a friend in our West Valley Neighborhood. Wednesday afternoon I will do deep cleaning of the kitchens and bathrooms.

This neighborhood is so friendly. We are lucky to be moving into it. On Saturday we were at the house doing some work and a couple showed up. Introduced themselves to us and told us that they have an eight year old daughter. Mia was delighted. The neighbors across the street brought us cookies. They have a ten year old son. Jared played with him today and they get along so well. It was fun to listen to them catching grasshoppers today.

I have had a few opportunities to fast this past month. The thing that I have fasted for was for the kids to make friends and be comfortable with the move. I really want them to look forward to starting school. And to be able to make the adjustments necessary to enjoy Kamas. I feel like my prayers have been answered and that Heavenly Father is more aware of my family and our needs than I had previously thought. I am grateful that He is watching over us and knows what we need.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

And it just gets better...

Some fun things that happened today are: Jared turned 1 decade old. The big 10. He is pretty excited to be ten. Jared is a really great boy and I am lucky to be his mom. He got his own fishing pole today and we even went fishing. We picked up one of his friends and went to Midway. As soon as Jared got a good cast in there was a fish on his line. He is the only person that caught a fish the whole time we were there. This is including the 20 other people trying their luck.

After fishing, Jared chose to have fish for lunch. Seth cooked the fish and I made peanut butter sandwiches. Jared and Ellis are the only kids that were brave enough to even try the fish. The whole time they were telling Seth how delicious the fish was.

We did our final walk through the house at 1:30 today and then we headed back to our condo and signed our closing papers! I cannot tell you how happy I am going to be to pull weeds in our new yard. The kids were so happy to run around the house, yelling the whole time. I think I am going to be glad to have a yard for many reasons. =)

We ended with a celebration in West Jordan. We dropped the kids off with Seth's parents and took some much needed time for ourselves. It is nice to be alone with Seth after being crammed into the condo (with an overprotective mother who won't let her kids play outside). Seriously, when did parking lots become playgrounds?

When we got back to pick up the kids, Aunt Elisa was babysitting and our kids begged us to leave and come back in a little while. Elisa is way too much fun!

I cannot wait to start working on this house.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Ice Cream

There is a little restaurant here that serves Bubble Gum Ice Cream. I, personally, am not a fan of bubble gum ice cream. I do, however, remember the first time I tried it. It feels like one of those things that all children should get to try. I took the kids today for some. Mia chose to have Raspberry Cheesecake Ice Cream instead. The boys went for bubble gum and they loved it! I don't know if it has improved or what. A few hours later we went to Costco and on the way home Gordon said, "Mom. Thanks for the bubble gum ice cream!"

In other news, I took Gordon to meet his teacher today. He was so excited until we got inside the classroom. When we met Mrs. Provost, Gordon would not even look at her. She tried to ask him a few questions and he just looked away and wouldn't answer. I have no doubt that he will love her. She seemed very nice. It was just so Gordon to behave that way.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


It seems so much has happened lately.

* Mia passed level 5 in swimming. Next week she beginning level 6. Next year, maybe she will get to take the diving lessons they offer.

* Seth's parents came for a visit on Tuesday. We had a fun time walking around Kamas and showing them what we have been doing. We took them over to see the house we were buying and it just so happened that the appraiser had left it unlocked, so they got to see the inside too.

* I took Jared to Mill Hollow. It was funny because I had to drive them to Fox Hills so he could ride the bus up to Mill Hollow. The bus went right past the condo we are currently living in. Jared said that he showed his friends where we were living, where Seth works and where we are moving.

* I am now a visiting teacher. Oh, how I love visiting teaching. I have made some of my very best friends through visiting teaching. When the RS President asked if I was willing, I couldn't have been more thrilled. I can't wait to go.

* Seth's boss told him that he wanted to pay for our family to go to Disneyland. They are even paying for us to fly. I have never been to Disneyland before, I can't wait to tell our kids. They are going to be so excited!

* On Wednesday I had to pick Jared up from Fox Hills at 3:30 so the kids and I went to West Valley after we finished swimming lessons and got to visit one of my favorite families ever.

*Mia went to her first Activity Days and they have 20 girls ages 8-11. I don't know why they don't split the ages, but I am not the boss.

* Jared gets to start swimming lessons next week. They wouldn't let us do a half session and since he would be gone to Mill Hollow, I decided to just not have him take lessons.

* I registered the kids for school. I just finished this for today. We know who the teachers are going to be. We walked through the school today and found all of the classes for the kids. Some fun things about school are: Jared will be going an hour before the other kids and he will get home an hour before the other kids. I think it will be nice to have an hour with just the two of us. We don't have early out regularly, but any days that there is an early out, there is no Kindergarten. I really don't like spending the whole day getting Kindergartners to and from school. Our kids will ride the bus. Jared will ride a different bus than the other 3 kids. One of the afternoon classes that all 5th graders take is piano lessons. I think it is fun that Jared can learn a bit at school. I am still hoping to find a piano teacher for the kids. I need to wait until we are in the house and have the piano out again.

* Something that is driving me crazy is that we have a list of items to bring to school. I don't mind bringing things to school, but I doubt that Gordon is going to go through 50 glue sticks. Will he really need 40 pencils this year? I thought Utah was a state that provided school supplies. I am also curious as to why the crayons they need to bring are the twist crayons. Do they think that the kids won't break them if they have the twist crayons? Do they even sell a package of 8 twist crayons? Are they less than the $.25 package of 24 crayons? I bet not. My kids always choose to use any crayons that are not the twist crayons. Or they will unwind them until they are all of the way up and then break them. I think I will end up just sending regular crayons. I doubt that they are going to get kicked out of school because their crayons are they wrong ones.

* They asked me at the school today if my kids were in any special programs. I told them about the Magnet program and they told me that they don't really have anything to offer gifted students and they wanted to know if the kids had any learning disabilities. The middle school did tell me that on occasion they have sent 5th graders to math with the 6th graders. I am sure Jared will be a real midget if we do that. I am not really sure how it will work out.

Things are good. We are all healthy and happy. When asked how he likes Kamas, Jared replied, "I love it!"