Saturday, July 23, 2011

Too bad I don't care for fish...

We went to this cute little man made pond in Midway today. It was very kid friendly and had been stocked with fish. All of the fish we caught were larger than I had expected. It took a bit for them to start biting but once they did, we caught 4 in less than half an hour. As Jared put it, "This is a great place for kids to fish. You know...because kids don't have a lot of patience for fishing?"

This is the fish Gordon caught. He was very interested in how smooth it was.

Same fish. Seth is putting it on the chain for dinner another night.

Jared with the 4 fish we caught. He really loves fishing!

Mia showing off the fish. I am pretty glad these are all the same fish and we didn't have 4 per kid. Seth does a great job cooking the fish.

Gordon almost couldn't hold these fish up. He thought he was so strong.

Ellis was just scared of the fish. He didn't want to hold the chain. Seth told him that he would hold the chain, Ellis just needed to hang onto it long enough to have his picture taken. He almost wouldn't even do that.

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Sharon said...

I'm with Ellis!