Saturday, July 23, 2011

Our Condo Tour

This is our living room. You walk in the front door and here you are. This is what you will see.

If you turn left, you will see the dining area. Finally the boxes have been cleared and we can sit down together to eat.

If you keep going straight, instead of turning left you will see the bedroom Seth and I are using. It is pretty much big enough for our bed. A fun surprise was when we turned out the light, there were glow in the dark star stickers all over the ceiling. They glow for a LONG time, too.

This is the "Master Bedroom". Now you know who the boss of this family is. It turns out that we can fit 4 kids and their dressers in just one room.

The rooms I didn't take pictures of are the 2 bathrooms and the kitchen.

It is tight and we all think it will be nice to have a little room to run around. Luckily the playground in only a block away and we can easily walk to it or ride our bikes to it. Initially I thought there were 2 parks - a nice one and a junky one. Now it seems every time I turn a corner there is another park to explore. I am really glad it is summer.

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