Friday, July 1, 2011


A few months ago Seth started a new job. The job is excellent but the location is Kamas. Honestly I am looking forward to living in Kamas. The thing I am not looking forward to is leaving my friends. I really feel at home here. I walk around my neighborhood and I feel so loved. I don't want the kids to have to leave their friends either. Plus, we are in an excellent program within the Granite School District and it is hard to leave.

It has always just felt like a Charade to me. All this time we have had our house listed to sell and a few people have walked through but there was no real interest in it. I guess I had half thought that we would get tired of trying to sell the house and we would buy Seth a new car and he would commute.

On June 20 we received an offer. We countered and they accepted. Now our house is basically sold. We have started moving our things into a storage shed in Kamas. We are going to live in a small condo while we are looking for a house. We have to be out by July 20. That feels like tomorrow.

Really, we have been watched over by our Heavenly Father. Things have fallen into place for us; beginning with a job offer that Seth never even applied for. I really feel so blessed. At the same time, I HATE that we are moving.

I took the pictures off the wall today and it made my heart hurt a little. I might need to put them back up for another week...


The Ellis Family said...

Congrats on selling your house! You guys are awesome, you will find great new friends where ever you go. Good luck in your new adventure.

mommaquincy said...

You are such an awesome family! You will be a blessing to the ward and neighborhood you move into! It sounds like Heavenly Father had some plans for you! Things always work out when we follow His plan!

Amber Louise Gusa said...

Even though I don't live in Utah, I feel sad that you're moving too. Isn't that weird? I like having you guys so close to the parents! We will probably come out to Kamas this summer since we'll be out in Park City a bit anyway! Maybe we can just drive around and look at houses there since you won't have one yet? haha

love ya Linder!

Mortensen Family said...

Good luck with everything! We wish your family the best. I hope in Kamas you can find a place where you can have a horse :). lots of love the mortensen family