Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Library Cards

I am delighted to announce that today we became library card holders for Summit County. It has been a process to get to this point. When I went to the library the first time, they told me that they needed photo ID and proof of address. Normally this would be simple, for us it was pretty complicated. The problem is that we are having all of our mail forwarded to Seth's parents home, in West Jordan. There was nothing coming here. I contemplated just writing myself a letter and mailing it, just to have an envelope with my name on the front.

Luckily our Real Estate Agent sent us a check for some items the buyer of our West Valley house wanted to purchase. He mailed it to Seth and Linda with the Kamas address on the envelope. I went to the library yesterday after swimming lessons and was disappointed to find it was closed for the 24th of July holiday.

I was determined to get one today. Our kids are going a bit crazy with nothing to read and I put almost all of our books into storage. Jared has already finished one of the books he chose and Gordon and Ellis have finished both of theirs. I think we will either need to get more than two books at a time or go to the library more often.

This is what the boys looked like when we got inside. I had to ask Jared to please stop reading long enough to get inside the house.


mommaquincy said...

My library card is one of my most valuable possessions! Glad you got your new ones!

MDawg said...

Congratulations! You're getting closer and closer to normalcy!