Monday, July 18, 2011


We made it to Kamas. I woke up to cows mooing this morning.

We actually "moved" up on Friday after Activity Days. Today we got the last of our stuff out and cleaned the house. As I washed the fingerprints that always seem to plague my sliding glass door, I felt like I was removing my kids from the house. In the past, it was always delightful to have a nice clean window. Today it just felt so permanent.

We signed our closing papers today and the buyers will be signing theirs tomorrow. It will be nice when we have managed to settle everything.

We have almost all of our boxes in the storage shed. We ate lunch at Seth's Mom's house on Sunday and the first thing all 4 of our kids ran for was the books. I think tomorrow we will take a trip to the Library to get library cards.


mommaquincy said...

Nice work! I used to have horses in the field behind my house. I loved watching them. I miss that!

Mortensen Family said...

YAY!I hope this is a wonderful place for your family to grow!

MDawg said...

I hope that being there full-time will help you adjust better. And I hope the official move to your house goes well. Hopefully then, you'll be able to truly feel settled.

MDawg said...

I just realized that you probably don't know who MDawg is! Ha ha! In college I had a roommate named Melissa. So, in order to tell us apart, they called me MDawg!