Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Yesterday Jared needed to get his blood tested again. He had been on the iron supplements for a while and Dr. Jackson wanted to see if it was working. I went to the IHC hospital on 5400 South. I asked at information and they sent us the women's center lab. When I got there I was a little uncomfortable and asked them if they did blood work on people who weren't pregnant. They assured me that it would be fine except they couldn't find the order for his blood work. It was nearly one o'clock and our pediatrician's office would be closed until after two for lunch.

I decided to take the kids to get their free book from Barnes and Noble. After that we went to lunch and then ran a few errands. When we got the call that they had the order for the lab work, we headed back to the hospital.

We went back to the Women's Center and Jared had his blood drawn. He was so brave. With his previous blood draw, they were rather impersonal and just rushed through it. His vein collapsed while they were at it and he had to have both of his arms poked. Yesterday everything was explained to him and he got to feel the blood in the vial when they were finished. He was pretty interested. When the lady finished she asked Jared if he had any questions. Jared asked, "What about the other one? When are you going to do the other one?" Neither the nurse nor I knew what he was talking about and he kept asking the same question in the same way. I finally realized that he was waiting to have his other arm poked and blood drawn from it, since that is what happened before.

Our doctor's office called today and said that Jared's iron level was at a 49 before and now it is at 90. He doesn't need to have any more blood drawn and he doesn't have to take supplements any more.

I explained to Jared what it means and he asked, "Does that mean I don't get to chew gum at school?" I just told him that we would see when we get to school if he needs to chew it. Jared pointed out that now it is a really bad habit that he has a hard time stopping and I told him that I knew he would have to work hard, but I was certain he would be able to stop and that there no longer was a medical reason for him to be chewing on his clothes.

This is a picture of Jared at the Ward Camp out we recently went to. I love the look of concentration on his face. He was playing kickball.


mommaquincy said...

Good news! so have you found doctors and all in the Kamas area?

Mortensen Family said...

Oh what a cute family you have. The kids are sure growing up!Glad Jared is doing better!

Linda said...

Thanks Hayley. Chris, we haven't found doctors in the Kamas area yet - we went to Salt Lake for the appointment.