Thursday, July 28, 2011


I was right that today would be a better day. I decided that I need to do something for myself too. This morning I went to a water aerobics class. It was pretty fun and it felt nice to get out by myself and burn some energy. I felt more patient with the kids today and much happier. I know this is going to be an adjustment and there will be some good days and some bad days. I hope that the good days far out number the bad ones until I ultimately have no more bad days at all.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I am really feeling it today. As hard as I have tried to immerse our family into Kamas, it is hard for me to not miss my friends. I am sure it will get better once we are in a home but for today, I am struggling. I bet tomorrow will be better...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Library Cards

I am delighted to announce that today we became library card holders for Summit County. It has been a process to get to this point. When I went to the library the first time, they told me that they needed photo ID and proof of address. Normally this would be simple, for us it was pretty complicated. The problem is that we are having all of our mail forwarded to Seth's parents home, in West Jordan. There was nothing coming here. I contemplated just writing myself a letter and mailing it, just to have an envelope with my name on the front.

Luckily our Real Estate Agent sent us a check for some items the buyer of our West Valley house wanted to purchase. He mailed it to Seth and Linda with the Kamas address on the envelope. I went to the library yesterday after swimming lessons and was disappointed to find it was closed for the 24th of July holiday.

I was determined to get one today. Our kids are going a bit crazy with nothing to read and I put almost all of our books into storage. Jared has already finished one of the books he chose and Gordon and Ellis have finished both of theirs. I think we will either need to get more than two books at a time or go to the library more often.

This is what the boys looked like when we got inside. I had to ask Jared to please stop reading long enough to get inside the house.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Too bad I don't care for fish...

We went to this cute little man made pond in Midway today. It was very kid friendly and had been stocked with fish. All of the fish we caught were larger than I had expected. It took a bit for them to start biting but once they did, we caught 4 in less than half an hour. As Jared put it, "This is a great place for kids to fish. You know...because kids don't have a lot of patience for fishing?"

This is the fish Gordon caught. He was very interested in how smooth it was.

Same fish. Seth is putting it on the chain for dinner another night.

Jared with the 4 fish we caught. He really loves fishing!

Mia showing off the fish. I am pretty glad these are all the same fish and we didn't have 4 per kid. Seth does a great job cooking the fish.

Gordon almost couldn't hold these fish up. He thought he was so strong.

Ellis was just scared of the fish. He didn't want to hold the chain. Seth told him that he would hold the chain, Ellis just needed to hang onto it long enough to have his picture taken. He almost wouldn't even do that.

Our Condo Tour

This is our living room. You walk in the front door and here you are. This is what you will see.

If you turn left, you will see the dining area. Finally the boxes have been cleared and we can sit down together to eat.

If you keep going straight, instead of turning left you will see the bedroom Seth and I are using. It is pretty much big enough for our bed. A fun surprise was when we turned out the light, there were glow in the dark star stickers all over the ceiling. They glow for a LONG time, too.

This is the "Master Bedroom". Now you know who the boss of this family is. It turns out that we can fit 4 kids and their dressers in just one room.

The rooms I didn't take pictures of are the 2 bathrooms and the kitchen.

It is tight and we all think it will be nice to have a little room to run around. Luckily the playground in only a block away and we can easily walk to it or ride our bikes to it. Initially I thought there were 2 parks - a nice one and a junky one. Now it seems every time I turn a corner there is another park to explore. I am really glad it is summer.

House Inspection

Yesterday we had the inspection on the house we are hoping to purchase. The inspector was very thorough and gave us a lot of positive feedback. There was nothing as far as he was concerned to really hold us back.

Next up the appraisal. Hopefully we can get the funding and everything earlier than initially expected and we won't have to stay in this tiny condo for much longer. Everyone has been a little edgy because there is no place, except the bathroom, to go to be alone.

When we were at the house for the inspection, I kept losing Gordon and Ellis. It feels like more house than we really need. It especially feels huge after a few days in the condo.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Yesterday Jared needed to get his blood tested again. He had been on the iron supplements for a while and Dr. Jackson wanted to see if it was working. I went to the IHC hospital on 5400 South. I asked at information and they sent us the women's center lab. When I got there I was a little uncomfortable and asked them if they did blood work on people who weren't pregnant. They assured me that it would be fine except they couldn't find the order for his blood work. It was nearly one o'clock and our pediatrician's office would be closed until after two for lunch.

I decided to take the kids to get their free book from Barnes and Noble. After that we went to lunch and then ran a few errands. When we got the call that they had the order for the lab work, we headed back to the hospital.

We went back to the Women's Center and Jared had his blood drawn. He was so brave. With his previous blood draw, they were rather impersonal and just rushed through it. His vein collapsed while they were at it and he had to have both of his arms poked. Yesterday everything was explained to him and he got to feel the blood in the vial when they were finished. He was pretty interested. When the lady finished she asked Jared if he had any questions. Jared asked, "What about the other one? When are you going to do the other one?" Neither the nurse nor I knew what he was talking about and he kept asking the same question in the same way. I finally realized that he was waiting to have his other arm poked and blood drawn from it, since that is what happened before.

Our doctor's office called today and said that Jared's iron level was at a 49 before and now it is at 90. He doesn't need to have any more blood drawn and he doesn't have to take supplements any more.

I explained to Jared what it means and he asked, "Does that mean I don't get to chew gum at school?" I just told him that we would see when we get to school if he needs to chew it. Jared pointed out that now it is a really bad habit that he has a hard time stopping and I told him that I knew he would have to work hard, but I was certain he would be able to stop and that there no longer was a medical reason for him to be chewing on his clothes.

This is a picture of Jared at the Ward Camp out we recently went to. I love the look of concentration on his face. He was playing kickball.

New Design

I am working with a new design. I have had a little trouble moving the "Title" around. Hopefully there will be no text over Seth's head soon.

Monday, July 18, 2011


We made it to Kamas. I woke up to cows mooing this morning.

We actually "moved" up on Friday after Activity Days. Today we got the last of our stuff out and cleaned the house. As I washed the fingerprints that always seem to plague my sliding glass door, I felt like I was removing my kids from the house. In the past, it was always delightful to have a nice clean window. Today it just felt so permanent.

We signed our closing papers today and the buyers will be signing theirs tomorrow. It will be nice when we have managed to settle everything.

We have almost all of our boxes in the storage shed. We ate lunch at Seth's Mom's house on Sunday and the first thing all 4 of our kids ran for was the books. I think tomorrow we will take a trip to the Library to get library cards.

Friday, July 1, 2011


A few months ago Seth started a new job. The job is excellent but the location is Kamas. Honestly I am looking forward to living in Kamas. The thing I am not looking forward to is leaving my friends. I really feel at home here. I walk around my neighborhood and I feel so loved. I don't want the kids to have to leave their friends either. Plus, we are in an excellent program within the Granite School District and it is hard to leave.

It has always just felt like a Charade to me. All this time we have had our house listed to sell and a few people have walked through but there was no real interest in it. I guess I had half thought that we would get tired of trying to sell the house and we would buy Seth a new car and he would commute.

On June 20 we received an offer. We countered and they accepted. Now our house is basically sold. We have started moving our things into a storage shed in Kamas. We are going to live in a small condo while we are looking for a house. We have to be out by July 20. That feels like tomorrow.

Really, we have been watched over by our Heavenly Father. Things have fallen into place for us; beginning with a job offer that Seth never even applied for. I really feel so blessed. At the same time, I HATE that we are moving.

I took the pictures off the wall today and it made my heart hurt a little. I might need to put them back up for another week...