Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another Poem by Jared

Jared wrote this poem in third grade, when he was 8 years old.



fun, interesting

eating, fighting, helping

home is really fun

sitting, working, waiting

boring, work


by Jared Leary

Personal Item

This is a short story Jared wrote in third grade, when he was 8 years old. It is about a pillow from his Aunt Amber.
Personal Item

by Jared Leary

If the earth was going to blow up and I could ride a rocket to another planet to live on and we could bring only one thing then I would bring my pillow. I got my pillow when I was four years old and I got it from my aunt. They wouldn't let her on because she is scared of heights and we would be going up really fast and she would be really scared. The pillow will remind me of her. The pillow is camouflage and it will remind me of what the soldiers wore. It has four pockets on the back so I could hold things in them. It would help me sleep on the rocket for four years. To me my pillow is important.

A poem by Jared

This is a poem Jared wrote in third grade. He was 8 years old.



Black, nothing

Screaming, running, blinding

Dark can be scary

Playing, jumping, blinding

Yellowish, bright


by Jared Leary


In third grade, Jared wrote a series of paragraphs. This one is my favorite. Jared was 8 years old when he wrote this.
My Dad

by Jared Leary

My dad is named Seth Lester Leary III, and I am Jared Lester Leary IV. I was named after him because I am the fourth Lester. I love it when my dad sings songs. They sound so nice. my dad makes really good dinners. he has no hair on his head except a little beard sometimes. He smells like soap because he takes showers a lot. He feels strong because he went to wrestling. I'm going there soon. I'm glad I'm named after him because I want to be like him.


This is a story Mia wrote when she was in First Grade and 6 years old. (Original spelling and grammer.)
Lilly, the Fish

Lilly is a light blue and light pink fish. She lives in the ocean. She is going on a adventure. She swims to a lake. She swims by the airport. There is a oil spill. Lilly turns black. She swims to the park. People have littered. She swims past a factory. Poisons have got dumped in the water. Lilly's tale is green. Lilly swims more and finds clean water.