Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Like most kids, Jared started chewing on things at a young age. Unlike most kids, Jared never stopped.

My sister-in-law is a teacher and after I showed her some of the things Jared has chewed up, she suggested that I talk to his teacher and see if she would allow Jared to chew gum during class.

I thought I would speak with our pediatrician first. It certainly helps to be able to say, "I spoke with our pediatrician and..." At the appointment, I explained what was happening and Dr. Jackson agreed that it would be a great idea to have Jared chew gum in school. He said, "I would be happy to write something if I need to."

Because Pica is generally a nutrient deficiency, Dr. Jackson wanted to get some blood work done on Jared. (Jared doesn't eat the more disgusting items on the list, just some abnormal things.) I took Jared in to have his blood drawn and then just waited for the doctor to call us back. I wasn't really expecting anything to be wrong. I had figured it was mainly due to his anxiety.

Yesterday I got a phone call that said Jared is low in iron. He has been put on some iron drops for 30 days and we will go from there.

Jared is happy because his doctor still thinks it would be helpful for him to chew gum in class.

It is hard to know. I keep thinking, "I should have had him checked earlier. Think about all the emotional arguments we have had over him eating nonfood items."

Sometimes being a mom is a tough job.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Growing Up

I got a letter in the mail on Saturday that was addressed to "The Parents of Ellis Leary". The letter let us know that Ellis has been accepted to go to school at Fox Hills Elementary School. Because our other kids are in the Magnet Program, I have to apply each year I have a child entering Kindergarten in order to get them all in the same school.

I have mixed feelings about Ellis going to school. He is so small still and looks like he should be 3 instead of 4. He is my baby and it is hard to let go. I will really miss him. He has been my buddy this year while the other kids were at school.

On the other hand, he is bored staying home with me. He is starting to read. He knows that he is missing out by not going to school. He REALLY wants to go. Against my better judgment, I have enrolled him and notified the school that we accept the position offered for him to go to Fox Hills Elementary.

Ellis assures me that he will be the first one home and we will still have some time together without them. Maybe he is too logical for me...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Knight in the Day

Mia has given me permission to post this story she has written. She worked on it for about a week. Remember when you read it that she was 7 when she wrote it and she is in Second Grade.
The Knight in the Day
By Mia Leary

Chapter 1


Just to get you straight, there are two kinds of nights. I’m talking about the one in armor.

Once upon a time there was a girl. This girl was the queen. She was very nice. She had no servants. She loved soccer. One day a Royal Knight died. The queen needed a replacement. So she held a contest for the strongest man. There were two strong men who tied. She held another contest. They had to fight a dragon with the others. The day before she told the knights to kill the greediest one. The next day the two men got called to the throne. They each took a turn. One survived, for she knew he was very nice. She claimed him a knight. She married him at once. The next day she got pregnant. The baby was a girl.

Chapter 2

The Party

Ten Years Later

The girls were princesses. They were very kind. It was Christmas. Also their birthday. The princesses party. They invited everyone. The princesses’ names were, Mia with her twin Lillian. They were having a huge ball. They couldn’t wait till the guests arrived but just then a baby was born. She grew older and older till she was ten. Her name was Sydney. They were triplets now. The people were arriving fast. There were three princes. They danced and danced. They were having so much fun when a wizard came.

Chapter 3

The Wizard

The king and queen were very excited. But Mia, Lillian and Sydney knew he really was Aiden, the monster. The king and queen wanted fortunes! The whole world knew Aiden loved to be chased. So the princesses ran after him. He ran and turned back into a monster. Now the guards started to chase him away. The princesses stopped. Then Alex, a tornado picked Aiden up and threw him in the sea. Now he was drowned. The party started again.

Chapter 4

The Activities

The activities went well. There was weaving, writing, drawing, running and word searches. But mostly there was dancing. The princes fell in love with the princesses. So they were to be married tomorrow.

Chapter 5


So it ended happily ever after at the wedding.

The End