Friday, February 11, 2011

Sicky Sicko

For the first time in our married life, Seth and I decided to have a Superbowl party for our kids. We bought some treats and let them eat in front of the television while we watched the superbowl...yeah...we know how to have a good time.

Mia, who had gotten up at 5:00 on Sunday fell asleep 3 times before our 11:00 church. That should have clued me in on the fact that she wasn't feeling well. I asked her about it and she said she felt fine. I thought that maybe because she got up so early, she was just tired. We got to church and she fell asleep during sacrament meeting. I felt her head to see if she was hot and it woke her up. Again I asked her if she wasn't feeling well and she said she felt fine and wanted to go to primary. As soon as we got home, she laid down on the couch and fell asleep. Seth woke her for dinner. She ate and then...fell asleep.

We woke her up to see if she wanted to have our Superbowl party with us or just sleep. She said she wanted to party. Now if you know Mia, you know that no one messes with her food. She is very fond of food and especially treats so when she was just curled up in her chair, not eating any food, I knew there was something going on (because all of that sleeping didn't clue me in.) I asked her if she wanted to lay in my bed and rest and she didn't, she wanted to be where everyone was. We have a pile of blankets in one of our corners and Mia wanted to sleep in them. We let her. She slept all night, got up the next day bouncing around and ready to shower and go to school.

When she got home from school, she had a fever again. Our neighbor, who we carpool with, had strep and similar symptoms. On Tuesday I took Mia to the doctor and figured that they were going to swab her throat and send us home with a prescription to take care of the strep. Her fast strep culture was negative and it would be 48 hours until they could get the long culture results back.

While we were at the doctors office, they noticed that she was really coughing a lot. They did some breathing test on her and said that she had asthma, "at least while she was sick". I don't really know what all the numbers meant but they had her blow into a tube as hard as she could and this marker would go up according to how hard she blew. They anticipated that she would be able to blow the marker up to 277 somethings but in reality she could only blow to 125. We walked away with a prescription for an albuterol inhaler.

When we got home I had Mia use the inhaler with an extension thing to make it easier for her to take. Shortly after that, her nose started to bleed. I don't mean it dripped, it was gushing blood. I took a look at the side effects listed on the paper they gave me with it and it didn't say anything about a bloody nose. I had Mia lay down and called the pharmacy. I asked about bloody noses and they said that was a really unusual side effect and was probably just a coincidence. Forget the fact that she has NEVER had a nose bleed like that. They suggested that when it was time to give her another dose to do it and see if her nose bled again. I went in to change out the tissue Mia was using and I looked at Mia and there was blood in her eye. I called to Seth to come and look at it. He wisely sent me downstairs to call the pediatrician. I put a cloth over her eyes and made the call.

When they answered the phone, I said, "I need to speak with either a medical assistant or the PA, Robin and I couldn't be sent to voicemail." Again, I was told that it wasn't the inhaler, it was just the dry air and her eye was probably because she had been coughing so much that she burst a blood vessel. I told the medical assistant, "I know this is because of the inhaler. I don't feel comfortable giving it to her again." Her nose bleed for 2 hours. Mia was coughing so much, so I decided to just try it again...just to test it out. I gave her another dose of the inhaler and her nose didn't bleed. Maybe it was just a coincidence. The next morning she was even sicker. I gave her the dose on the inhaler and her nose started to bleed again. 2 more nose bleeds later, adding up to about 3 hours of nose bleeds for Wednesday and Mia was feeling a little dizzy. I decided that there would be no more inhaler.

I turned to my friend for answers. Turns out that nosebleeds occur in less than 2% of people. It seemed like a common enough side effect that no one knew about. I was happy to stop with the inhaler and so was Mia. We have had no nose bleeds since we stopped.

Meanwhile, I called the doctor to find out about the strep culture. They said that it was negative. I told them, "Mia has had a fever every day this week." Dr. Jackson said to bring her in and he would take a look at her because that would indicate an underlying infection.

I took Mia in this morning and she has pneumonia. She had pneumonia last May too. She was so tired and coughing so much. In May Mia had to have her lungs x-rayed because she sounded so bad. We didn't have to x-ray them today. The pneumonia is in her right lung and to top it off, she has a double ear infection. When Dr. Jackson looked in her ears he asked if her ears hurt. She said no and he said, "You are lucky because your ears are really infected." Mia said, "Maybe it is because I just got them pierced (her birthday present). Dr. Jackson explained that that was the wrong kind of infection.

I left the office with 1 sick girl, 2 prescriptions and 1 doctor's note for the school to excuse Mia from a week's worth of schooling. After giving Mia her meds, I ended up with 3 bottles of medication, 2 bags of cough drops and 1 happy girl who is still coughing a lot. It is so nice to have my happy sweet girl back. I was so worried about her that I didn't realize how much I had missed having her healthy and happy.

We have been reading Princess of the Midnight Ball together and it has just been a joy to spend this special time together.

Seriously, I was so happy to see her playing with her brothers tonight, she could have gotten away with anything. Which is why she is sleeping on the couch tonight. =)