Thursday, October 14, 2010

Science Fair

Turns out that while I was helping Jared and Mia with their Science Fair Projects, Gordon and Ellis were doing a little science experiment of their own in the bathtub.

I heard Gordon say, "Ellis, can I squirt water in your ear? Maybe it will come out the other side."

He squirted the water, but it didn't come out the other side. Gordon said, "Put your other hand by that (the opposite ear) so you can catch the water."

Gordon: "No water came out."

"When you squirt water in your ear, no water comes out the other ear."


mommaquincy said...

Sounds like a great science fair project! I'm wondering if it might work on some kids!

Amber Louise Gusa said...

HAHAH! I love how he states the fact at the end as if he were a scientist or something. Those kids are so hilarious!

Sharon said...

I like their adaptation of the Scientific Method.