Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Nose Knows

Exactly half of our kids have managed to stuff some small thing up their nose, "Because it fit."

The first was Jared. As with all truly wise choices made around our house, I was unavailable (In this instance I was feeding Gordon.). Jared came running to me very hysterically because he had put a "belly button" up his nose. At that age Jared called all buttons belly buttons. As this had never happened to me before, I may have panicked. I called for some help. I called Laura. She suggested I call my pediatrician. They made an appointment for me to come in to get it extracted. I started getting the kids ready to go and Jared started sneezing. He sneezed until the button came out. I felt a little silly when I called the office back. "Hi. I just called you because my son stuck a button up his nose. He just sneezed it out so we won't be needing to come in to the office." I am positive I heard them giggling.

A couple years later I was feeding Ellis - why is it that everything happens when you are feeding the baby? Gordon came running in with Jared behind him because he had stuck a peanut up his nose. I just plugged his nostril and told him to blow. He blew the peanut right out.

Today with no baby to feed, I decided to take a shower. I had just gotten dressed when Gordon came running down stairs with drool coming out of his mouth while he was, quite frankly, freaking out. He said, "I have something stuck in my nose!" I asked him how it got there and he said that he put it in. I looked up that cute little nose of his and sure enough there was a small square bead in his nose. I am pretty sure it had the letter "B" on it. I could see it easily. I plugged his nose and asked him to blow. He blew/whistled but the bead wouldn't come out. I then decided to have him lay on the floor while I extracted the bead with some tweezers. No good. The tweezers didn't open wide enough. I calmly told him to not poke his fingers in his nose or it would go in further and asked him to put his shoes on so we could go to the doctor.

I was going to put my shoes on and Gordon came to me saying, "Mom! I had to breathe really hard when I was crying and I blew it right out." I asked where the bead was and Gordon told me that he threw it away because it was so gross. (Mia wants everyone to know she told him to throw it away.) I told him. Don't put anything else in your nose, okay? Gordon's reply..."Why?"

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mommaquincy said...

The only way to survive our children is to laugh!