Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pinewood Derby

Let's play "Catch-up" for a minute here. On April 27, 2010 our cub scouts had their Pinewood Derby. Jared was so excited about making his car and Seth did an excellent job helping him while letting Jared choose the car design and colors.

When I told Jared that his car looked nice, right after he painted it, he said, "I know. I tried to do my best work on it." He was so proud of his car, that is until he saw some of the other boys' cars. There were some pretty sleek ones, but my favorites were the ones where it was obvious that the boys had done the work and, at the very least, painted it themselves. When Jared saw some of those cars, he said that he was "embarrassed about his car". That broke my heart a little because I knew how hard he had worked on it and how much he loved it.

Enlarge the photo and you will see that it has rocket packs. When Jared was showing me this feature he was giddy with excitement and said, "Those rocket packs are like my secret weapon. It might be a little unfair to the other cars."

While Jared was painting his car he decided to put a 64 on the top of it. When Seth asked him why he put a 64 on the top of it Jared said, "Because it is a race car."

Since this was his first race, he got a little help setting his car on the track.

Here is Jared's car, #64 getting ready to overtake the car in first place. I guess those rocket packs really did work.

He finished somewhere in the middle and didn't care a bit about not winning. He had such a great time. He ended up dropping his car and bending the axle. When I asked him about it the next day (I had taken the little boys home for bed at that point) Jared said, "I dropped it but them I was able to fix it." The car didn't do as well after it was dropped but Jared seemed oblivious to that. He really had a great time.

The other kids were happy to sit on the back row eating popcorn and jello. I am not sure they even knew there were cars being raced.

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mommaquincy said...

Such a fun event! Way to go Jared!!