Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mario and Luigi Birthday Party

I generally just log on to the Internet to get ideas for birthday parties when I am planning one. Unfortunately there were not a lot of ideas for a Mario Party. I am posting this to maybe help someone else who needs to have a Mario Party for their little gamer.

Gordon was so excited to turn 5 and have his first friend birthday party. He began planning in March and his birthday is on May 16. Gordon loves to play Mario Party 8 so it came as no surprise when he wanted a Mario Party Birthday Party.

I didn't save a copy of the invitation, but I just used Photo Shop to create a Mario Party 5 (because he was turning 5 years old) invitation. I got the image off the Internet.

When they boys got to our house, they got to choose between being Mario or Luigi.

We rolled some big dice I got from the party store for a dollar to decide who would go first, just as they do in the Mario Party games.

The first game we played was jump over the fireball. Seth rolled an orange ball and the kids took turns jumping over it.

After jumping over the ball, we had a treasure hunt to find a star. Whenever we do treasure hunts, we send the kids upstairs and then downstairs.

While they were eating the cookies, we reminded that the stars will make them invincible. Which they would need because after eating the stars, they would be fighting some Goombas.

The boys had to jump from these "platforms" without touching the carpet. Jared had drawn Goombas on some balloons that had money inside them. They popped the balloon, picked up the coin and finished the test. At the end of the platforms, there was a star waiting for each boy.

This was easily the favorite activity for each of the boys. We let them pop 3 balloons each and I think we should have given them more. Even today, a week and a half alter, the boys tell me that this was their favorite part of the party when I see them.

After defeating the Goombas, the boys got to pin the mustache on Luigi. I just took an image and photo shopped out the mustache. I also made some quick black mustaches for the boys to stick on.

Seth made a Mystery Block that was a pinata. He taped sheets of yellow paper together. I drew a question mark on it in white. The boys took turns jumping up and punching it with their fists.

This little cutie is the one that was able to punch his way through it. The pinata was filled with gold coins and some candy.

Here is a close-up of the hat. I used this tutorial and used craft foam. I used my sewing machine to stitch the letter and the white circle on. I also stitched on the elastic. I was pleased with how they turned out.

I printed an image from the Internet and glued it on a bag. I couldn't find green bags, so I used only red bags. I made some with Mario and some with Luigi. It would have looked better if I had found some green bags, but no one really cared except for me.
I also made some gold boxes for the boys to store their coins in.

We ate some pizza and then had mushroom cupcakes. We reminded the boys that when Mario eats mushrooms he grows.
I wasn't thrilled with how the cupcakes turned out, but Gordon really liked them and that is what matters. If I made them again, I would use Marshmallow Fondant instead of white frosting. Initially Gordon wanted a Luigi cake and I feel a little guilty for talking him out of it. This was A LOT easier than making a Luigi cake, so I am glad he was happy with them.

Amber and Aaron came and helped with the party and they also took pictures for me. Aaron played the Mario Theme Song on his IPhone for a while during the party and the kids thought that was really fun.


mommaquincy said...

You are amazing! I thought the cupcakes were perfect and the cookies were delicious! Thanks for saving me one!

Sharon said...

You are COOL. What great attention to details. The kids must have had a blast!