Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wheeler Farm

We made a trip to Wheeler Farm today. Mia said she wanted to practice taking pictures and I thought we could make it into an adventure.

I had a lot of fun and I think the kids did too. I love spring and all the newness that comes with it. We got to see the animal babies today. There was a baby calf, some lambs and a cute little goat.

The highlight of any trip to the farm is playing on the tractor. Sometimes when we go no one else is waiting for a turn on the tractor and we can use all 3 at once. It was pretty busy today and we all shared the "Red Tractor".

Jared wanted to drive it backwards. (Jared didn't even want to go to the farm because he said I always take a lot of pictures and make him stand for a long time. I think I need a new subject...)

I really love this picture of Gordon and Ellis. They are best friends and like to do everything together. I couldn't be happier with their relationship - they love each other so much. As we pulled into the parking lot for Wheeler Farm, Gordon said, "Oh yeah! I know this place!"

Gordon wanted to go with Mia and Me to take pictures while Ellis and Jared went with Seth. We gave Mia our old camera a couple years ago and she gave her pink camera to Gordon. Gordon wasn't happy having a pink camera until I wrote his name in green on it. Now he loves his pink camera.

It was so pretty and green. Pretty little purple wildflowers are starting to bloom.

This is pretty much the face I get whenever I take Mia's photo any more. She doesn't like to smile and it is a rare occasion when I get a picture of her looking truly happy; which is strange because this is one happy girl. Not while I am taking pictures, I guess. (I definitely need new subjects.)

Mia also wasn't feeling very well, which is why she looks a little sad.


atika said...

very cute pics=)

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mommaquincy said...

Nice job on the pictures! Did Mia take most of them?