Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hair Day

This morning Mia, who moves like Molasses in the mornings, surprised us all by getting into the shower before I even asked her to.

I said, "Mia! You are taking a shower without me asking you to?"

Mia said, "Yep and I am even going to try to fix my own hair!"

This is what she had in mind. I helped her just a little. I think it turned out very cute. I am sure it will have fallen out of the braid before she gets home from school because it was so loose.

I edited this photo with the Urban Action from CoffeShop
I love that she knew what she wanted and has been practicing braiding for a couple months now (mostly at church) but part of me was sad because she is getting so independent. I really LOVE fixing her hair in the mornings and I am afraid that it won't be long before she is doing it all on her own.


ellisgomez said...

Cute -I can't even braid still!

mommaquincy said...

My girls started doing their own hair way too early! Jess got better at it than I'll ever be!